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”And remember, there's no better rave than Octotave!"

Created by: Wurmple~Chan

Octotave is an idol trio consisting of a Dumbo Octopus and an Atlantic Pygmy Octopus. They live in a city called 'The Marinea Shore' where certain humanoid species and a few jellyfish live. They perform on the stage in the Neptunian inlet, where a lot of bands play music as well. As of now, they are the only major idols in Marinea Shore. Also the first. They usually do Electronic/Chiptune.






Marinea Shore

Pronounced (Mair-E-Nay)

After the Chaos vs Order splatfest and Chaos won The Salmanoids and DJ Octavio tag teamed, and took over Inkopolis. They imprisoned most of the octolings and even some of the inklings; who they used for their own personal army. The remaining Inklings. other species and Octolings that weren't being mind-controlled fought back, creating the third great turf war. The army of Inkopolis lost miserably and hid in another area far away from the slowly growing army of Octavio and The Salmonlings, in hopes that they would be safe. Soon enough, The army did find them, and they were chased out. The only place left was a bit of land near the ocean. The refugees stayed there for a few years, their bodies replacing some of their RNA so that they were able to live in water and turn it into extra ink in their system. They lived in the water for a while where Octavio couldn't find them. he population slowly grew bigger, bigger than Octavio's army even. So they decided to overtake the army and won using the squid sisters Calamari Inkantation to free the Inklings and Octolings. Then they all teamed up to destroy Octavio, and fight off the Salmonlings, who willingly retreated. Inkopolis was beyond repair so they made a new place, called 'Marinea Shore' to honor the species who came from the waters and saved everyone from the OctoSalmonoid rule.


Pronounced (Cor-i-duh-lay)

Coridillie grew up as an anti-social octoling, mainly being in the mansion she called home. Her parents brought her up this way because they wanted to protect her and this was the only way they knew how, after living a similar lifestyle because of this and homeschooled her as well. Coridillie's parents were rich, due to their smart investment choices, and the large chain of clothing stores and other shops they had created. All of this turned into Subeteru shopping center, which they bought the area for, and moved the shops they owned there.

It was because of this, Coridillie was never bored in the house because there was always something to do. All she had to do was knock on her parent's home office (which they stayed in for eight hours every day unless they were checking on the center) and she'd almost always get something new in return. She became very spoiled and rude, not used to not getting her way. When she was 14, she grew bored with looking at the same things every day and begged her parents to go outside, which they complied with unwillingly.

When Coridillie went outside, it was like a whole new world to her. The first place she went to was the Subeteru shopping center. She had listened to her parent's conversation about owning Subeteru and thought she could get away with anything there. As soon as she went into the area, she saw that in the Plaza, there was a huge stage. She asked an Inkling who had a camera if she could go up on there, and he said it was a singing contest going on at the moment, so she wasn't able to get on. She got angry and threw all kinds of threats about how her parents ran everything here, and how she could get him fired. So he let her go on next. When she walked up to the microphone and sang, she had the most beautiful voice........

Or so she thought. She was horrible! And her voice cracked at every other word in the song she picked. (which was Maritime Melody) She was booed off of the stage but didn't leave until after she yelled and cursed at the audience. The rest of the contestants stared at her wide-eyed, all except one who ignored her completely. Coridillie stayed long enough just to hear her sing, certain that she was a lot worse.


      Era grew up in a big family, with her being in the middle. Because of

More coming later....


Name Used Music Style Singer Link
Ready Set Flow! Battle Theme Electronic Meri and Ika N/A
Ocean Beatz News Chip Tune Ika (DJ) N/A
Ikameshi Inkchantment Main Song Electronic Ika (DJ) Meri N/A
Painting Rainbows Debut Chip tune Ika and Mari Coming soon....
Into the Deep Deep End Inklet's Theme Chip Tune Meri (Vocals) sooner...


Mari's Side Ika's Side Splatfest Art
Lolita Punk N/A
Traditional Digital N/A
Simple Outfits Clashing Outfits N/A


  • No Japanese names yet. Any ideas?
  • Coridille 's favorite season is Winter.
  • Coridillie prefers lofi to chiptune but does it anyway because she likes how energetic it is.
  • Coridillie and Era are a play on play on the word cordillera, which is a synonym for seamount. A sea anemone is one of the creatures that reside there.

Official Art

Rapping sea turtle anemone
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