"And remember – don't fall too deep!"

2DEEP are a fanmade Splatoon idol duo by sparrowse /sparrink. They are the news anchors of Cephalo City News, announcing battle stages and hosting Splatfests.

Their names are derived from the Mariana Trench ("Mariann and Trent").



Mariann is 21 years old and stands at 5'4" (approximately 163 cm). She has pale peach skin. Her eyes are round and light blue, with two long upward pointing eyelashes. She lacks the thick "mask" of inklings, having only a thin black rim around her eyes and a small bar across her nose bridge. The tips of her ears are tinted cobalt blue. Her left ear has three lobe piercings, while her right has two lobe piercings and a conch piercing.

The tentacle "base" against her scalp is the same cobalt blue as her ear tips and eyebrows. Her frilly tentacles, which have a purple tint along their edges, are gathered up into two large buns on top of her head. Four tube-like tentacles hang freely from her scalp, reahing her lower back in length. These tentacles glow violet pink.

Her idol outfit consists of a navy blue long-sleeved mock neck shirt, a black denim mini skirt, and shiny navy blue boots. The soles of her boots are light-up, with LEDs in pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue. She also wears a white upper torso harness with the same assortment of LEDs on it. The lights on her boots and harness will change to the color of her team during Splatfests.

Mariann prioritizes comfort in her casual clothes; she is often seen wearing oversized hoodies, gym shorts, and sneakers.

Neither she nor her brother produce ink.


Trent is 21 years old and stands at 5'5" (approximately 165 cm). He has pale peach skin. His eyes are round and light blue, with two long downward pointing eyelashes. He, like his sister, lacks the thick "mask" of inklings, having only a thin black rim around his eyes and a small bar across his nose bridge. The tips of his ears are tinted cobalt blue. Both of his ears have two lobe piercings, and he also has a piercing on his left eyebrow.

The tentacle "base" against his scalp is the same cobalt blue as his ear tips and eyebrows. His frilly tentacles, which have a purple tint along their edges, are gathered on top of his head in a mohawk-like shape. His tube-like tentacles, which glow violet pink, are intertwined with his frilly ones.

His idol outfit consists of a navy blue sleeveless mock neck shirt, black denim skinny jeams, and shiny navy blue mid-calf boots. The soles of his boots are light up, with LEDs in pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue. He also wears a white lower torso harness with the same assortment of LEDs on it. The lights on his boots and harness will change to the color of his team during Splatfests.

Trent tries to strike a balance between comfort and style in his casual wear; he is often seen in graphic tees, skinny or straight-legged jeans, and combat boots.

Neither he nor his sister produce ink.


The twin's parents met shortly after the events of the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion, as denizens of the deep began migrating to Inkopolis and other inkling locales. Their mother, Aysel, was an inkling desperately searching for romance after many failed relationships. Their father, Saor, was a jellyfish that had moved to Inkopolis from the Deepsea Metro area and was hoping to find companionship in the strange new place that was the surgace. The two had met eachother at a bar in Inkopolis and immediately hit it off, each finding what they sought within the other.

The controversy began when Aysel and Saor became legally wed. Newspapers and tabloids publicized the story of the unusual interspecies marriage. The couple was not highly affected by the media during this stage of their partnership, however; Aysel had even spoken to news stations on multiple ocassions to defend her marriage.

About a year after they married, Aysel and Saor decided to have children, as the former had a strong desire to become a mother. When they announced that they were expecting, the resulting media frenzy was far larger and more aggressive than the one that resulted from the couple's marriage. There was hot speculation on whether the twins had been conceived "naturally" or through synthetic means – a closely guarded secret that not even the twins themselves know the answer to (though they have their suspicions). When the parents were discharged from the hospital with their infants, they were swarmed with reporters taking photos and videos, eager to see the interspecies children.

The media interest in the twins shaped their early childhood. The family was constantly having to deal with intrusive reporters and paparazzi which threatened their hopes of a peaceful life; this especially impacted Aysel, who had become jaded with the world, losing her cheery demeanor and excitement about life. The family moved several times from when the twins were born to when they turned four; at that time they settled in a small town in the underground whose residents were unaware of the family and their controversies.

To prevent anymore media attention, Aysel and Saor kept their children isolated from the outside world as much as possible, especially in regards to the surface. The parents opted to homeschool their children to keep them out of public academies, and they were highly selective with which other kids in the town the twins could play with. Despite being sheltered so much in their youth, though, the siblings learned much about greater society through the internet, allowing them to develop typical social behavior.

While Mariann and Trent would describe their childhood as being happy overall, they both still had bad memories regarding media interference with their lives; as toddlers, there had been multiple occasions where they were playing outside, only to be swarmed by a bunch of strange people carrying large, flashing cameras. Furthermore, as they got older, they became more distant from their parents, desiring to interact with the outside world more. This coincided with Aysel becoming less involved from her children, seeing them as part of the reason she was in near-constant misery; living in a desolate town underground was extremely difficult for the Inkopolis native.

Upon turning 16 years old, the twins applied for and were granted legal emancipation from their parents, allowing them to move to the surface. They rented an apartment on the outskirts of Cephalo City, a hub city southwest of Inkopolis. To make money, Mariann took up a clerk position at a local grocery store, and Trent began freelance writing for a variety of news publications.

Once they were more consistently exposed to inkling band and idol culture, the twins began creating their own music, finding it a good way to express their frustrations about their youth and day-to-day lives. They began releasing their songs on the internet under the name "2DEEP," gaining a small but dedicated following with their first three albums. The duo didn't become well known, however, until they released "Powerline Rhythm," a song they were writing for their fourth album. The pair was having trouble deciding whether or not to include the track on the album, and figured the feedback from their fans would help them decide. The track received overwhelming positive support, thrusting 2DEEP into the mainstream consciousness.

About five months after the release of "Powerline Rhythm," the twins published their fourth album, Synergy. The album received positive reviews from music critics, and shortly after obtained their first number-one hit with "Chemosynthesis." The twins were once again in the limelight – but this time, over their own accomplishments.

The newfound fame of 2DEEP caught the attention of Cephalo CIty News' producers, who offered Mariann and Trent positions as newscasters. After much debate on if they wanted to take up such jobs in the media, the twins accepted the offer and began their tenure under Cephalo City News.



Mariann is the more active and outgoing of the twins, hence why she was comfortable being a store clerk after moving to the surface. She can be highly talkative, finding enjoyment in sharing stories and ideas with others.

While her confidence in interacting with people may indicate she handles her emotions well, that is not the case. Mariann's emotions can often get the best of her, especially in regards to her self-worth; she puts a lot of weight into how people perceive her, finding it hard to accept exclusion. However, as an adult she tries her best to not let others affect her mental state so much.

Of the two twins, she has the worse relationship with their parents. She shows more resentment for being sheltered throughout her childhood and adolescence. During her teenage years she would often have verbal conflicts with her parents, which were never fully resolved before moving to the surface. She sometimes wonders if she should reach back out and apologize, but her anger causes that idea to fade away.


Trent is the more passive and reserved of the twins, hence why he took to online freelance work after moving to the surface. He prefers listening to talking, though that is not to say he doesn't enjoy conversing with others. 

He handles his emotions better than his sister; however, he is prone to overthinking and working himself up into a depression over how he and his sister were treated as young children. He also has a tendency to "bottle up" his emotions, thinking that igoring them will make them disappear. This results in his emotions eventually spilling out all at once in a larger outburst.

Of the two twins, he has the better relationship with their parents. While he doesn't like that he and his sister were sheltered, Trent understands why his parents took such actions, especially his mother. He often wonders if he should reach out to them and try to build a new, healthier relationship, but he figures it would do more harm than good to his parents.


2DEEP Synergy Album Cover

Cover of 2DEEP's fourth album, Synergy.

Both Mariann and Trent write, record, and produce 2DEEP's music. Mariann tends to prefer physical instruments (guitars), while Trent tends to prefer digital instruments (synthesizers, drum machines).

2DEEP has released a number of records since the duo's creation. All of their albums and singles have been released independent of a record label, though the duo has received help from distribution companies to get their songs on the sites of popular streaming services, along with getting CDs printed.

Most of 2DEEP's early songs have only been released online. While these songs do contain the synthesizers and heavy bass the duo would become known for, the lyrics of these works have a strong punk influence, with their criticism of society's ills (something that may have been inspired by the twins' struggles in their youth). These confrontational lyrics would mellow out in later records, possibly due to the increased media attention on the duo.

One year before their employment at Cephalo City News began, 2DEEP broke out of the underground and into the mainstream with "Powerline Rhythm," the first single from their fourth album, Synergy. Shortly after the album's release, they received their first number-one hit with "Chemosynthesis"; the track spent 2 weeks at the top spot of the Inkboard Top 50 chart.

The pair is said to be working on their fifth album, but no information on this record has been released.


Title Album Link
Powerline Rhythm Synergy Listen here!
Chemosynthesis Synergy Listen here!



  • Their group name is inspired by the fact that the Mariana Trench is a deep sea trench, and from the fact that they are a duo.
  • The twin's tentacles are based on those of the Pacific sea nettle (Chrysora fuscescens ).
  • Neither Mariann nor Trent can particpate in Turf Wars due to their lack of ink production and ability to swim in ink, but if they were able to turf, Mariann would main the Explosher and Trent would main the Luna Blaster.
  • As children, their pupils were diamond-shaped and they lacked visible irises, like the jellyfish charactes in Splatoon. With time, their pupils became round and their irises expanded, leading to eyes that look near identical to the average inkling's.
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