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High tide,or low tide, we'll be by your side!
8RMZ (JP - Wasabeats/ワセービーツ) is an EDM pop idol duo, consisting of members Taki and Yaki. Their music originated from their Octarian heritage.

They run a broadcast together on Unagix (an Inklish TV channel, pronounced Uh-Ay-Jix), gathering most of their beloved fans from Inkopolis Outskirts.

Their clothing is designed by the clothing brand Chameleon. It can glow in the dark.


Meet 8RMZ, the flaming EDM sensation of Inkopolis. They bring hues and pulse to the city of color with the zestiest tunes that will awake your earbuds!

First there's Taki, the vibrant drummer who constructed his freshest beats from the materials you would find right inside of a recycle bin or out in a backyard! 

But drums can't be completed without the bass. And that's when the overly logical Yaki and his groovy basslines flow in. Together, they'll bring you the spiciest beats you won't find anywhere else on Inkopolis!


Both once lived together at Octo Lagoon, a military base that was abandoned by the Octarians years later. When a pair of Octoling doctors got taken away for treason, their child was considered innocent and was adopted by Taki's parents, two elite engineers in charge of constructing and repairing Octarian weapons. Years passed by, and Taki was an elite-in-training engineer, while his adoptive brother Yaki works as a nurse and spend most of his time taking care of wounded and sick soldiers.

The two brothers were very close to each other and were inseparable. Life wasn't so great for them, until both heard a mysterious melody through a concert broadcast and suddenly changed their minds.

The melody inspired them to do things that they never thought they would enjoy. Together, they tinkered around with affordable electric musical instruments in their free time. The residents of Octo Lagoon enjoyed listening to the brothers performing. The melodies and tunes from their childhood and the upbeat jingles in Inkopolis City inspired their songs. It was something to calm the other Octarians from their life pressures ever since Octavio went missing. Unlike most idols in Inkopolis, both of them never had many utilities and fortune like the Inklings did, so they built their own things from the scraps they find in the wastelands near the most fortunate side of Inkopolis.

Even though most Octarians hate the Inklings for the surplus of needs and wants they can afford, the two brothers were determined to become a part of Inkopolis' music industry. Taki promised to his brother that when they grow up, they will be able to afford better things than what they had back then. But that promise didn't last for long due to a conflict going on after Octavio's temporary disappearance.

Before Octavio returned to his throne, Taki left Octo Lagoon to report his duties to his elite superiors as his brother waits. Over time, Octo Lagoon was abandoned, and built into another part of Inkopolis. Yaki decided to come up to the surface by himself via Mount Nantai and became a local doctor, plus changed his name into "Dr. Casper".

The outskirt residents were never awae of Casper's true self, yet were concerned about his age. Most of them think he is too young to be a doctor, however, they were all stunned and amazed when Casper's profreshional medic skills were shown during emergencies. Other than that, he is known to be soft-spoken and moody. He is often seen in Inkopolis Ghetto's tavern, having a cup of coffee at early midnight before going to work.

Meanwhile, Taki lived a chaotic life wandering on other predators' territories. Just as he successfully slip away of a Salmonid's hideout, and successfully made it to Inkopolis. Just not the right place of Inkopolis...

He went into a tavern to seek for help and food. Taki became a waiter in hopes of making some money to feed himself. One midnight, he found a lonely doctor drinking coffee by himself, and befriended him. Taki himself felt a little melancholic and familiar with the stranger.

Yaki wasn't so sure at first, but he was sure that the mysterious waiter was his long lost brother. He was too afraid to ask his new friend about his past but always stayed to listen to his interesting conversations. It was like that, until a certain someone helped the two realize something important...

After they reunited as brothers, Taki felt genuinely guilty for leaving Yaki behind, but Yaki forgave him and told him to move on. From that moment, a new bond between them blossomed.

As months went by, Yaki's medical career wasn't going as well anymore, as the clinic's owner is moving their business to New Sardine, but at the same time, he was going to quit it to pursue a possible musical career, while Taki got his life together with all the money from the tavern. Both of their lives turned out normal and peaceful, but the two brothers didn't expect what was in store for them for the future...

One day, the two brothers were performing one of the old songs that they wrote in Skipjack Flats for a small charity concert. The singing caught the ears of Saki, the owner of Unagi Entertainment and Records. She provided them the opportunity to pursue a musical career in Inkopolis, which was their incomplete dream four years ago. They worked with Saki to their path of fame and soon dominated the music industry of Inkopolis, becoming the first idol pair of Inkopolis Outskirts.




A creative and enthusiastic drummer, Taki (Japanese: 夏静脈 / Natsu Jomyaku) is a 6'2 ft tall (187 cm) 21-year-old Octoling of the species Amphioctopus marginatus. He formerly lived as a lost wanderer, traveling everywhere with his backpack to survive until he finally reached Inkopolis. He plays the drums and most of the percussion parts for 8RMZ. Taki has an energetic and clear male voice. 

He's quite outgoing and loves his fans dearly, sometimes hosting events for them. Aside from that, he also cares for and respects his adoptive brother more than anyone else, and really felt guilty when he left Yaki many years ago.

When he was very young, he went through elite training in many prestigious Octarian academies, but wasn't so deep into it. Taki used to take everything seriously and was quite too fond of himself sometimes, often showing off his skills to Yaki and other fellow Octarians.  

During his first time living in Inkopolis, Taki feasted on instant squid ink ramen, which he got used to eating every day since he was very short on money. He even described it as a "gourmet staple of Inkopolis". Now being an idol, he sponsored the ramen company and stacks of eaten ramen cups can be found in a nearby trash bin near the studio.  

For drinks, he prefers traditional hot pickled ginger tea from the tavern he previously worked at.  

Taki can be on or hide inside anything - big super sea snail shells, big jars, a cabinet - with the giant wild coconut shell being his personal favorite. Not only that, he builds drums and other musical instruments with the smaller containers he collected. Taki also owns a pair of drumsticks that resemble tako tamago skewers.  

It is no doubt that he is also very skilled with weapons, as he came from a family of Octarian engineers. Taki is somehow dangerously good at turf war, especially Tower Control. Despite being the upbeat guy of the duo, he's quite peaceful and gets along well with crowds. His main and favorite weapon is the twisted octobrush (how tf does a brush main stay at S+ ?) 


Taki has mid-long maroon dark "hair"(like all elite Octolings) with two side tentacles fading to red orange with a hint of gold and dark ramified lines. His skin is fair and he has silver eyes with infinity-shaped pupils. His fingers are pointed and glow orange at the tips. Taki's beauty mark is located on his right cheek. His suckers glow bright blue in the dark as a trait only exclusive to his own species.

Taki's idol uniform consists of an orange crop top, leather jacket, dark navy khaki pants, leggings, and Octarian boots. He wears an orange hat that resembles a piece of octopus nigirizushi golden octo-dog shaped earrings. His body type is muscular.

He has a permanent tattoo of an orange octopus on his abs, that can only be seen glowing in the dark. The tattoo was a permanent mark that symbolizes loyalty to the Octarian army and Emperor Octavio. Unlike his brother, he doesn't mind showing it to the public and described it as his very own exotic "birthmark". Because a lot of folks weren't aware of the "Squidlings" with odd-looking hairstyles, they also believed in his excuse.

Taki prefers edgy and dark-colored punk clothing with leather materials. Some of the things in his closet has an Octarian touch to it.

His signature color is orange.



Unlike his adoptive brother, Yaki (Japanese: 幽霊 ゴースト/ Yurei Gosuto) is earnest and mature. He's a 6'2 ft tall (187 cm) 20-year-old Octoling of a mysterious species. Formerly a doctor, he now plays the bass and strings for 8RMZ. Yaki's voice is deeper and calmer than his brother's.

Yaki got his wide medical knowledge from his biological parents and Octarian medic school when he was about 8 years old. He also had no problem going from a nurse to a doctor, but didn't seem to quite love his job as much as creating music. He worked in a local clinic for about 2-3 years before starting his music career.

While he doesn't remember or care much about his biological parents, all the family he had left for was Taki. When Octo Lagoon was deserted and other Octarians leave, Yaki found a way to move to Inkopolis safely. As a child, he was known to be overly hopeful and precious. When Taki went missing, he was extremely worried and waited for his brother to return home every day, but when he grew up and left the lagoon, he didn't really care anymore or want to mention anything about it, but is still certain that Taki will somehow get back to the surface.

Aside from being a doctor, he tends to enjoy brewing drinks like wasabi lattes. Before reuniting with his brother, he also learned the bass from a decent local musician and practiced regularly in his free time. Yaki is strict and cold around most people but has a soft spot for Taki and some of his other friends.

When he's not busy at night, he'll visit a nearby tavern with his brother for some wasabi lattes or go to an oden cart near a shrine by himself to rant about his life's problems to the cook.

Yaki tends to be over-analytical and logical, and sometimes blurt out random facts in the news. When anyone says something wrong (even Taki), he'll correct them right away and despite being the quieter guy in the duo, he can get easily feel conflicted towards others. He doesn't enjoy turf war as much as Taki, although he uses Nautilus 83 (a modified variety of the Nautilus 47 with bismuth coating), as his main weapon.


Yaki has side-swept gelatinous "hair" with two side tentacles(quite similar to Marie's, but not tied into a bow). His hair appears iridescent white with hints of light lilac and periwinkle, fading dark blue with silvery opalescent glittery sequins covering the tip of his tentacles. His skin is very pale and he has rose-gold eyes with infinity-shaped pupils.Yaki's beauty mark is located on his left cheek. His fingers are pointed and glow dark-blue at the tips.

Yaki partially lacks pigment, which is why he appears so pale compared to a normal Octoling. To add to that, his body build is not very muscular like most Octolings due to his diet and species, so his body is thin and lanky.

Taki's idol uniform consists of a long, buttoned leather jacket that reaches his thighs, blue leggings, and Octarian boots. He wears a hat that resembles a blue double golden toothpick and golden octo-dog shaped earrings on his left ear.

He has a permanent tattoo of a blue octopus on his back that's mostly unseen. The tattoo was a permanent mark that symbolizes loyalty to the Octarian army and Emperor Octavio. Yaki usually hides it under his clothes to avoid any misunderstanding.

He prefers cool-colored formal clothing like vests and ties. He also can be found wearing sanitary clothing and accessories like lab coats and goggles. 

His signature color is dark blue.  


Name Type/Genre Vocals
Inkopolis News News Jingle, EDM None
Outskirt Fest Splatfest jingle None
Suction Junction Debut song, ??? Taki & Yaki
Spectrum Fever Splatfest Theme, EDM pop Taki & Yaki
Washed Away Solo, lofi Yaki / Instrumental
Splashdown Slam Solo, EDM Taki / Instrumental 
Anchored Rhapsody ft. Beachcomb Bouys Splatfest/ Battle theme, future funk Taki/ Yaki / Trent/ Marion
Now or Never! One minute left, electronic rock Taki & Yaki
Tenta-miracle Win jingle None
Calamari Calamity  Lose jingle None
Octoling Rendezvous - Cover Neo Octotronica, Rap Taki & Yaki


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  • They both dislike DJ Octavio for brainwashing them and octokind, but still remain fans of his music.
  • Taki's real name is Toko, but he didn't feel like being called "Toko".
  • Yaki is leucistic. His body mostly lacks pigment, but he still can change his ink color and some parts of his eyes still has black melanin pigment. This condition is present in some animals.
  • They both learned how to speak Inklish two years before becoming a duo. Yaki learned it because he had to adapt to Inkling society , while Taki learned it so he can read unfamiliar instruction sheets in non-Octarian territory, but he's not exactly fluent at it.
  • Their names are based on the Japanese dish takoyaki (Japanese octopus balls)
  • Their catchphrase came from a Bob Marley song.
  • Their duo name is based on the word "eight arms", the number of limbs that all known octopodes have.
  • Yaki's false alias, Dr. Casper, came from the iconic fictional ghost character "Casper". His species is also nicknamed Casper.
  • Taki's Japanese name, Nastu Jomyaku, is based on the Japanese words Kokonatsu (coconut) and Jomyaku (vein, because coconut octopuses can also be called veined octopuses)
  • Yaki's Japanese name, Yurei Gosuto , literally means "ghost ghost" in Japanese since he's based on the ghost octopus.
  • Taki knew Marina back in his childhood and sees her as one of his role leaders.

(Author's note: more information coming soon. Idol uniforms are being sewed, wasabi lattes are being brewed, and musical instruments are being polished!)

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