'Keep the melody 'till the finale'

'Alchys' is a idol created by Agent 9 and Veemy Productions based on the video game series splatoon, to be an opposite to DJ Lucina that branched into it's own thing


Alchys is an Inkling with primarily blue tentacles with purple tips that change depending on ink color. She wears an orange dress with a sparkly purple ribbon and pants, that change depending on ink color. she also has yellow eyes with star shaped pupils

Character history

Alchys has had a long struggle with finding her place, it wasn't until she began singing, that she found her place. It was her first duet with DJ Lucina that she began thinking of music as an actual career in life.

Character relations

Alchys has had a long standing rivalry with her friend DJ Lucina and she is also close friends Veemy and Charlie

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