"Let the flowers guide you!"

Aquaflor are a fanmade duo made by Nuzelight. The duo consists of Alcyon, a shortfin squid, and Acea, a California market squid. Their main colors are purple for Alcyon and red for Acea. They host the news and splatfests in Furorida, a city known for sea flowers that grow around its outskirt. Their music style is based off pop music.

About Aquaflor


Alcyon is 19 and is 5’5”. She is a shortfin squid. She had been Acea’s best friend and sister figure since they met in elementary school. She lives in Furoida, a city that had a variety of sea flowers that grow its outskirts. She was mainly interested in a soft purple coral known as the cespitularia and would eventually use the flower on her dress when she and Acea would form Aquaflor. She would often isolate herself from others just so she could be with the flowers on Furoida’s outskirts and she wouldn’t have friends because of that. She met Acea when Acela went to the outskirts of Furoida to find sea flowers and the two talked and shared their love of flowers and promised to meet each other again. They would tell each other everything and they eventually became best friends. When she and Acea were 14, they would audition for various talent show competition during their school days, but would never win first place. This almost made them drop anything to do with music, and Alcyon knew what she wanted to do with if they didn’t win the last talent competition. If they didn’t win, she would go to study the various sea flowers of Furoida. The song they sang would become their song that brought them to fame, the song titled ‘Primavera de Mares’, ‘Spring of Flowers’ in Spanish. It was their own original song that Acea had made, and although they didn’t win first place they were widely talked about in Furoida. Alcyon was reluctant to join the life of various others like the Squid Sisters, but Acea convinced her to join her in this new life of theirs. When Alcyon was 18 and Acea was 17, they would make their first solos, with Alcyon’s being ‘Brote Floreciente’, ‘Blooming Bud’ in Spanish, and Acea’s being ‘Nomeolvedies’, ‘Forget me not’ together in Spanish. They would take over the splatfests and news after the original duo for the splatfests and news retired.


Acea is 18 and is 5’2”. She is a California market squid. She is Alcyon’s best friend and Acea thinks of her as a big sister figure. She was originally born on Island of Asherah where she would be inspired by Maidi, one of the thee vocalists for the now disbanded band Current Majesty , to create music with hard sea flowers, but she would never be able to find any to create music. Her family moved to Furoida and she would often find hard sea flowers that she could create music with, her most favorite being a coral shell. However, one flower caught her eye and it was a red sea whip. It was very soft against her fingers and she would often bring one with her and it would be a flower that she would use for her sleeves and cuts on her top when they would form Aquaflor. She found Alycon alone around the outskirts of Furoida and began talking to her and expressed her love of the sea flowers and how she would create music with them. The two promised each other to come there again. They would always talk and share things to each other and they eventually became best friends. She and Alcyon would always audition is various talent shows but wouldn’t win first place. She was still determined to win a talent show and convinced Aclyon to try one more time before she went with her plan to quit music. They didn’t win first place, but they were widely talked about. Acea was excited to begin a life of fame and had to convince Aclyon again to stay with her in this new life and they would then make their own solos, ‘Brote Floreciente’, ‘Blooming Bud’ in Spanish, being Aclyon’s solo and ‘Nomeolvides’, ‘Forget Me Not’ squished together in Spanish, being Acea’s solo. They would go on to host the splatfests and news after the duo that originally hosted the splatfests and news retired.


Song Name Type Vocals
¡Hora de Florecer! News Jingle N/A
¡Festividad! Splatfest Theme Alcyon/Acea
Nomeolvides Solo Acea
Bronte Florecinte Solo Alcyon
!Felicidad Floreciente! Win Jingle N/A
Flor Acobardada Lose Jingle N/A
Now or Never! Cover Alcyon/Acea
Wide Lasted Fun Credits Alcyon/Acea
Stillness Famed Song Alcyon/Acea
¡Festividad! ft. Ocean Eyes Splatfest Theme Remix Alcyo/Acea/Meri/Abyss



Acea had a bubbly personality while she stilled lived in Island of Asherah, and that personality only retrain after she moved to Furoida with her family. She was always determined to do and try new things, as seen by her convincing Alcyon to give music a second chance. When she is in the spotlight, however, she tends to be a bit more to herself and usually lets Alcyon explain what their next projects are or what they’re working on. She mostly trusts Alchin with her secrets and when she isn’t in the spotlight she’ll just relax and have her extroverted personality, especially when it’s around her family and friends.


Alcyon had been a quiet squid due to how she would always distant herself from others because she wanted to be with the flowers alone. That changed when she met Acea, and Alcyon burst out of her comfort zone and became more talkative. Her shy personality stayed with her, though, and she often gave up easliy, as seen as by her almost giving up music. She will usually talk about the music projects more than Acea since Alcyon would like to get to know people and what most people are like and possibly make more friends with her fans.


  • ’Furoida’ means ‘florocean’ in Japanese. Additionally, Nuzelight found out that it sounded like Florida and he has referred to it as Florida ever since.
  • Alycon and Acea’s names together made Alyconacea, the family of which their motifs are based off.
  • They sometimes collab with Ocean Eyes, another duo Nuzelight made.
  • Even though red sea whips and cespitularia’s are animals, Nuzelight still refers to them as flowers.
  • They are heavily inspired by Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Tour outfit sketches, specifically Ariana’s long purple dress for Acea and her blue sweater-thing for Alcyon.
  • Half of their song names are in Spanish due to Spain being where the first sea flower was found. They are also in Spanish because it is one of the languages Nuzelight can speak.
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