Bermuda Pyramid is a 3-piece underground band that produces trance and EDM (crabrave) music.



Shaun is a laid back male sea sheep from Inkopolis. Despite his tiny size, he wrote most of the music that Bermuda Pyramid produces. He is misinterpreted as a quiet and mysterious sea snail, but his voice is actually very soft because of the size of his vocal cords and can only be heard through microphones. Shaun also loves sun bathing while munching bags of dried seaweed. He also do backup vocals and play the synth.


A Paperling who escaped from the Octarian army. She is the lead vocalist and DJ of Bermuda Pyramid. Margo used to be an Octarian muse in training, but quit when she heard the Calamari Inkantation. Although she is free from Octavio's rule, she is a huge fan of Turquoise October's music and is often inspired by their works, hence why her vocals resemble the ones in Shooting Starfish, Octo Eight Step, and Tentacular Circus.


Born with albinism, Floss is what you would call a cotton candy lobster. He plays the digital drums and other MIDI instruments perfectly, but often take long breaks and procrastinates while making music which irritates his bandmate Shaun. Floss is known to be numb emotionally, as Margo said that he can't turn red (another word for fluster) to any embarrassment or romantic feelings.


  • Margo is a play-word of the word "argo" from "argonaut".
  • Floss's name is a reference to "fairy floss", another definition for cotton candy.
  • Shaun's name literally came from Shaun the Sheep, a popular fictional sheep character.
  • Their band name originated from the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Floss being unable to "turn red" is actually a reference to the cotton candy lobster's inability to turn red while being cooked.
  • Shaun loving sunbathes and seaweed is a reference to his species' ability to photosynthesize.

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