Bubble Drop is a fan duo consisting of sea slug and sea snail. They are hosts of news in their hometown, but often tour in Inkopolis.



Cowley is a 17 year old sea slug, of the species Peltodoris atromaculata.She's pretty tall for a sea slug, as much as 150 cm.Cowley's hair is coffee-colored, with many different white spots.She has a small hat-shaped mantle with two spotted horns.Front hair resembles tentacles and is located on the sides.The back hair is whole and longer than the front.A pair of orange sea anemones, one on each side of the head are Cowley's headgear.Often, her can be seen in a wreath of anemones.Cowley's face and shoulders are covered in a lot of freckles.Her eyes are pale blue with triangular pupils.The eyelashes are long and unusual.

Usually on Cowley a white one-shoulder tunic.Moreover, the right sleeve is much longer than the left because of what you can see a long black glove that does not cover the palm.A black choker adorns Cowley neck.Heskirt is very short and often rises because it carries a decorative function.Under skirt black shorts.On feet, Cowley wears black boots, with orange laces on the left boot and blue laces on the right boot.

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