"It is surely true, classic can be fresh too."

CLASSEAQUE (Pronounced class-eek), is a string quartet that often plays for turf wars and splatfests, but also play for more minor events and scheduled gigs. Their goal is to show the new generations that classical music can be fresh as well, and to preserve its sound amidst a sea of remixes and techno. It's members are Alis, Glen, Phii, and Hali.

The quartet's colors are brownish-grey and gold, symbolizing the sun shining on a beach.



Alis is the first of the two violinists of the quartet. She never participated in turf wars or splatfests, but she would always watch them to hear the music. The way the music could motivate each team spoke to her, and she began pursuing the art. She wanted to bring something new to the table, and so she met Glen, an aspiring idol, and the two became close friends, though their idol scene never took off.

Alis is very loudmouthed. She defends her views on music and her friends, and thinks that people who are wishy washy are no good.

Alis is 19, the same age as Glen, and the second oldest member of the quartet. She wears gloves during every performance, but they have openings on the tips so that she can play properly.


Glen is the second violinist of the quartet, and the only male in the group. Glen had always dreamed of becoming an idol, but he needed a second person to do this with. No one seemed to want to do it with him, so he started to give up. Then, he met Alis, and the two attempted to make their place in the idol scene. Glen became more fascinated with classical music however, and asked Alis to teach him how to play violin.

Glen is soft spoken, but firm in his beliefs, often rivaling Alis in bravado when provoked. He doesn't like to listen to music through headphones, instead opting for speakers. This often annoys people around him, but he doesn't care.

Glen is 19, tying Alis for the second oldest of the quartet. He is often referred to by fans as the 'Prince' of the group.


Phii is the violist of the quartet. She abandoned her dream of being a barista when she found out that Alis and Glen were looking for members for their quartet. She inquired on a forum site and auditioned, and was immediately accepted in. She has grown closest to Hali, who she sees as a big sister.

Phii is cheerful, almost saccharine in nature. She tends to ask plenty of questions, then end up asking more as the topic shifts and shifts until no one remembers what the original topic is. She isn't silly, but peppy and does know when to be quiet, but usually prefers being upbeat and bringing the energy to everyone else.

Phii is 15, the youngest member of the quartet. She has slight stage fright, and when she is nervous, her lure dims.


Hali is the cellist of the quartet, and the one who showed Phii the forum post about the quartet. At the time, she had no interest in joining herself, but seeing how happy Phii was after being accepted, she decided to practice her old hobby of playing the cello to become good enough to audition. Once she felt ready, she came in person to audition, but to her surprise, she didn't need to, as Phii had told the other two how good Hali was at the cello. Hali is also the art designer for the quartet, making their flyers and album art.

Hali acts like the 'mom' of the family, even though she's the oldest by only a year. This nature spreads to beyond the quartet, and it seems that she is naturally maternal, caring for everyone as if they were small children. This attitude sometimes comes off as undermining, but she always has the best intentions in mind.

Hali is 20, the oldest of the group. She is often called the 'Princess' of the group by the fans.


Title Description Type Link
Crashing Flow "A song about strife. A song about might. A song about cherishing good things in life."  The first song in the album, Beached. Popular Song [1]


  • The quartet's names are based of some part of their species' names. Alis' name comes from a species of Bigfin squid, magnapinna talismani. Glen's name comes from the species name for Giant oarfish; R. glesne. Phii's name comes from the scientific name for anglerfish; Lophiiformes, and Hali's name comes from the family name for abalone, Haliotidae.
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