"These are the freshest idols in Inkopolis Capitille!"

The Capitille Idols (also known as Capidols) are a group of individuals presenting the image of Inkopolis Capitille. The fan-made idol group was created by Kokoika "Koi" as a part of Project Splatoon V. They post a variety of uses in the community, such as providing news, creating promotional material, and hosting Splatfests.


Sunny "Sun" Squad

Sunny Squad, also known as "Sun", is a 26 year old, 5'6", Inkling, descending from the species Vampyroteuthis Infernalis (Vampire Squid). Sun wears a teal sleeveless tailcoat jacket, on top of an off-white french cuffed collar shirt. He wears a darker shade off-white dress pants, sporting a white belt, and silver dress shoes with a raised tongue. He wears white gloves that are cut at the end to reveal wrists, and dual studs with a loose chain connecting the two on his left ear.

His hairstyle consists of five swept-back tentacles. The colors are darkest at the ends of his tentacles, and lightest at the top of his head. He also possesses three sharp tentacles at the back of his head.

His main ink color is yellow.

Kendra "KEN" Podes

Kendra Podes, also known as "KEN", is a 23 year old, 5'8", Octoling. She wears a cropped, black leather jacket on top of a loosely tucked band t-shirt. Black leggings underneath grey ripped jeans, being held by a studded black belt, and studded leather boots with metal soles. She wears a studded black collar around her neck, and wears two metal earrings on her right ear.

Her hairstyle consists of five varied-length tentacles swept to the left side. The colors are darkest closer to the top, and lightest at the tips. Her hair seems to be lightly shaved at the right, and possesses three loose tentacles at the back of her head.

Her main ink color is purple.

Lis “Puppi“ De Larivié

Lis De Larivié, also known as "Puppi", is an 18 year old, 5'4", Inking. She wears a short, pastel green lolita dress with thigh-high cotton stockings. Her shoes are black school shoes to fit the style. In addition, she wears white cotton gloves and two green bows in her hair.

Her hairstyle consists of bluntly cut bangs, and two short tentacles that hang from both sides. These tentacles seem to be held up by hair grips with bow attachments. The colors are darkest at the ends of her tentacles, and lightest at the top of her head. There are also four pointed small tentacles at the back of her head.

Her main ink color is green.

Feu “Rabbi” Ailette

Feu Ailette, also known as "Rabbi", is an 18 year old, 5'2", Inkling, descending from the Bobtail Squid species. She wears a spaghetti-strap underneath a poly-chromatic plastic dress with LED's attached in the shape of rhombuses. She wears black fishnet stockings and cyan colored sweatbands. Her shoes are poly-chromatic, open-toe, slip-on high heels that reach ankle-length. She also wears cyan fishnet armbands and two silver, dangle earrings attached to cuffs.

Her hairstyle consists of two long tentacles swung to the back. These tentacles seem to be held back by hair grips. The colors are darkest at the ends of her tentacles, and lightest at the top of her head. There are also four pointed small tentacles at the back of her head.

Her main ink color is cyan.

Stella “Titania” Nemarina

Stella Nemarina, also known as "Titania" is a 27 year old, 5'6", Sea Anemone. She wears an open-collar dress that opens at the left of the waist. It flows in and out like waves, and has a wavy pattern stretching from the front-center and down the right side. Her shoes are brown sandals with small stars along the straps. She also wears long silk gloves, and a rhombus-like star hairpiece.

Her hairstyle consists of five long flowing tentacles, and a few shorter tentacles. The colors are darkest closer to the top, and lightest at the tips.

Her main thematic coloration is pink.

Ciambella "Alghiaccio" Echinofondo

Ciambella Echinofondo, also known as "Alghiaccio" is a 24 year old, 6'0", Sea Urchin. They wear a beige, chiffon-like sweater that seems to pattern curved stripes from the front to the back. Their pants also sport the same color and chiffon-like texture, but lack the curved stripes. The sleeve ends, collar, and pant ends are joined with large gold rings. Their shoes are black, Kensa-branded high-top sneakers. In addition, they wear three silver rings on each hand, and possess a star hairpiece.

Their hairstyle consists of multiple spikes swept to the left side, seemingly covering most of their face. The colors are darkest closer to the top, and lightest at the tips. The right side of their head is completely shaved.

Their main thematic coloration is orange.


Several of the members from the Capidols were previously playing in their respective bands, groups, or were solo. Sun was singing in Plages Wing. KEN was singer for Iconostorme. Titania sang as one of the acapella members for the Seasurfers. Alghiaccio was doing well on charts as a solo artist. Puppi and Rabbi were still singing for a hobby. At the time, the mention of Splatfest was a controversial topic, as to who and where it was going to be held. The members of Plages Wing had been discussing about the situation, eventually taking it upon themselves to set up Capitille's first Splatfest.

"It was a messy event to prepare for," one of the band members had said, "But it went well, and everyone had a good time!"

After seeing the success in the Splatfest, Iconostorme and many other bands decided to join in. Though after the next few Splatfests, it was evident that these events were just for promotional material for the participating bands. Controversy on the individuals holding the Splatfests was a very heavily discussed topic in interviews and the social media. The original holders for the Splatfest idea, Plages Wing, had interacted with many of the top bands and artists involved in recent Splatfests. While many picked up on the idea that it had been good for promotional material, few had instead spoken that it seemed like just a fun event.

Sun, the singer for Plages Wing, discussed privately with the individuals from those bands. While most had refused to join back in, the remaining individuals created their idol group, Capitille Idols. Most of their work had been to the progression of Splatfests.

A few years later, news picks up on two viral young Inklings, Puppi and Rabbi. They find this a good opportunity to try and join the Capidols, as they approach Sun. Sun accepts to the deal, and they become the newest idols.



Sun is a relatively calm minded individual, and like to take into consideration actions before moving on. He tries to get along with most of his co-workers, and likes to stay in a positive light.


KEN is typically a snarky individual, but has seen to be caring for their co-workers most of the time. They like to make sarcastic remarks to evoke aggravation, but only does it to have a good time.


Puppi is a sassy and childish individual. She usually appears to disregard others, but participates in social events with Rabbi.


Rabbi is an imaginative and childish individual. She takes things personally, and has a big heart for helping others. Unfortunately, she tends to be very messy, and comes mostly unprepared.


Titania is a dramatic individual, usually slacking in practice and avoiding real reason to not participate. Despite this, she manages to keep a good image during performances.


Alghiaccio is a laid-back individual, but has the tendency to work often. They usually work alone, but when working with other people, they don't have many strict regulations.

Capidols Collab Duos

The Capidols have set it among themselves to split into duos, making brand and news work easier.


Naufrage is a news podcast hosted by the idols, Sun and KEN. It is held in the mornings and evenings, holding topical discussions popular among the media.

Puppi n' Rabbi

Puppi n' Rabbi is the name of Puppi and Rabbi's artist and idol duo. They post frequently on social media, and sometimes appear on their TV show of the same name.


Stationary is a stage duo consisting of Titania and Alghiaccio. They perform at night, while certain dates change the performance. Titania's nights are usually for more traditional stand up performances, while Alghiaccio's nights are more nightclub rave oriented.

Music (Splatfest)

Name Idols/Artists Genre Usage Album
Dare to Splat KEN N/A Battle Opener N/A
From the Moon to You Plages Wing Bebop Turf War (Single)
Stage Play Plages Wing ft. Titania Jazz Turf War (Single)
Kiss This Splat Iconostorme Punk Rock Ranked Battle How To Dye (EP)
Firerate Puppi n' Rabbi Pop, R'n'B Turf War Five Minutes Fame
I Hate It Here Puppi n' Rabbi Pop, R'n'B Turf War Five Minutes Fame
Front and Back Alghiaccio Hardcore Ranked Battle Prepare for Inks
FiNd AnOtHeR tEaM Alghiaccio Hardcore Ranked Battle Prepare for Inks
LOUDER Alghiaccio ft. Iconostorme Speedcore Ranked Battle Festival (EP)


Splatfests are held throughout Inkopolis Capitille, usually with routes to alternate battlegrounds for Turf War and Ranked Battle. There has to be an even amount of idols on each team, whether it is fully desired or not.

Omega Omega Members Alpha Alpha Members Winners
Stage Lights Sun, Titania Disco Lights KEN, Alghiaccio Disco Lights
Performance Sun, Titania Sound KEN, Alghiaccio Sound
Seaside Sun, Rabbi, Titania City Life KEN, Puppi, Alghiaccio Seaside
Headphones Sun, Puppi, Alghiaccio Speakers KEN, Rabbi, Titania Headphones
Shallow Sun, Puppi, Titania Deep KEN, Rabbi, Alghiaccio Deep


Trifests are an alternative version of Splatfests, with the option of three sides instead of two. These are meant for bigger events and more freedom for thematic schemes. It is, currently, an in-progress idea.

Omega Omega Members Alpha Alpha Members Delta Delta Members
Sun Sun, Puppi Moon KEN, Rabbi Stars Titania, Alghiaccio


  • In the Capidols photo, KEN is seen holding up a back-faced hand with three fingers lifted. This happens to be the symbol for Iconostorme, the band she is the singer for.
  • Sun had insisted on not hiring Puppi and Rabbi when he was approached by them. But after being informed of their age, he was able to rethink the decision.
  • Alghiaccio had once mentioned Titania as "beautiful" as a complement. Titania had responded "That's inappropriate between co-workers." assuming it was a hit-on statement.
  • The name ”Capidols” can be a word-play for “capitol”,  a building in which a state legislative body meets. It can also mean a group of buildings in which the functions of state government are carried out.


Most of this page has been fully described and written out, as of July 2020. Unfortunately, this idol project is to be much larger than expected. There is not much of a gallery, besides the idol sketches, but I will work as frequent as possible.

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