"Don`t melt, and stay chill!" - Chilly Wave

Chilly Wave are a fanmade Splatoon 3 idol group by Chill Milk Studios. They host Inkopolis News in Inkopolis Triangle and make mainly J-pop. The group is made up of an octoling and a salmonling: Vien and Ita. Their creator (Chill Milk Studios) makes Splatfest,news,and concert animations here:

Chillywave logo

Chilly Wave`s logo.


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Vien is an Octoling. Her tentacles are curled and softly edged, with a gradient from minty-blue to white. She has a tiny curl of hair over her forehead. Her back tentacles are tied into the huge brown ribbon she has on the sides of her head and her tentacles are tied with brown ribbon and into criss-crosses. On each side there are different pins: on the left, there is 2 circles, and on the right there is a music note. She wears a crinkled dress, with minty-blue on the other side and light brown on the other side, and huge puffy short sleeves. Covering her chest she has a bow, with one part being minty-blue and one part being white. She also wears long, white gloves and white-brown patterned socks which are halfway covered by some mint-green boots, that have ribbons tied in criss-crosses over them. Her eyes are green-brown and she has brown pluses for pupils.

In her octopus form, she keeps her ribbons and criss-crosses.

As for Ita, she is a Salmonling so she does not have an octo/squid form. For hair, she has long front hair, one of which is tied in 2 ribbons. She wears a small brown bow, which holds 2 ponytails,one with 2 ribbons tied in a criss-cross pattern, resembling the Splatoon 1 Male hairstyle. She also wears a brown visor, with two shades of brown. She has ears, which are split into 3 parts with 2 streaks of white and brown paint on her cheeks. She wears a white-brown T-shirt, which is covered with a sleeveless glittery white jacket. Covering her chest, she has a white bow with a brown star in the middle. She also has light brown puffy shorts with dark brown shoes with bows, which are covered with light brown-white gradient leg warmers, with stars. Her tail has a gradient from white to brown, and it is covered with 2 ribbons arranged in a criss-cross pattern. On her arms are pairs of wristbands, one white and one brown.

Costume1 (1)


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