Colorful Abyss is a pair of downbeat and online idols. The members consist of Crystal, a glass octoling and Yawara, a blue nudibranch. They are original characters made by Kaori.



Personality and physical traits

Crystal is a glass octoling, thus making her appearance semi-transparent. She has short pink hair and a pair of headphones with a geometric 8-symbol on it. Her skin tone is dark olive and her eyes are light pink. She wears a black T-shirt with a dark purple Cardigan and black pants, along with pink slippers.

Crystal is usually very quiet and secretive, she often zones out and falls asleep standing up sometimes because of her sleep deprivation. Crystal's tone is flat and she can be confusing in conversations because of how monotone she is.

Yawara is a blue Nudibranch. She has blue long hair with two rhinophores and white spots on it. Her eyelashes are downturned. Her skin tone is fairly pale and her eyes are purple. She wears a long baby blue shirt*

Yawara is a Nudibranch Chromodoris willani. She looks like she's always thinking of something when really she's not really thinking of anything at all. She eats food often and is open to talk to anyone. Her room is unkempt and messy. You can find candy wrappers hidden under her bed and old clothes in the corner of her closet.


  • Yawara means soft in Japanese
  • Crystal is sort of based off of Chiaki from Super Danganronpa V2
  • Luka helped me out with this a lot, check out his idol group Lost at Sea!
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