Nelly is a green-eyed valvatida starfish (Mediaster aequalis). She has crimson hair, with an overflow to pink ink color. She wears a dress with a skirt, black and white stockings, black fingerless gloves and black boots. Her "idol sign" is a pink diamond.


Nelly has a lively and energetic personality, similar to Callie's. It's really easy to offend her, because she often takes everything seriously. She isn't so resentful, though.


Nelly grew in a loving family. Her parents weren't really good in music, so she started to study in a music school on her own initiative. She was also trying to compose music from an early age.

Role in the band

Nelly holds the vocals in their songs, and she writes most of the music and lyrics, too.



Sam is a sea bunny (Jorunna parva). Her eye color is like Nelly's, it's just upside down. She has white and grey hair, turquoise dress with shorts, black and white stockings, white fingerless gloves and white boots. Her stockings, gloves and boots have the opposite color of Nelly's ones. Her "idol sign" is a turquoise bubble.


Sam's personality is chill. She jokes about Nelly's taste and childish personality sometimes, but that doesn't make Nelly dislike her, she's her best friend after all. She takes splatfests seriously, and she usually gets upset when she loses, but she deals with it pretty quick after Nelly cheers her up. Sam is a fan of jazz music, that explains her team in one of Colorful Tide's splatfests.


Sam grew in a pretty strict household. Her parents were also musicians, and they wanted their daughter to choose the same path. Sam spent a lot of time on studying in a music school. She sings and plays piano very well now.

Role in the band

Sam holds the vocals and synth.

The band's formation

Nelly and Sam are childhood friends. They lived in the same village, and they always wanted to become famous singers. They even tried to make some songs, but they didn't bring them much fame. When they grew up they decided to create an idol band.

Stay on the wave!


Song name Progress Vocals Type Link
The Sea is Sleeping Done! Sam & Nelly Debut song
Everything Begins Now Done! Sam & Nelly Splatfest theme
Dodge It! Gonna make it anytime soon Sam & Nelly Splatfest battle song -
Stuck in the Ink ??? Sam & Nelly Splatfest battle song -
Now or Never! Done (remake) Sam & Nelly Splatfest battle song
Acid Hues Done (remake) Sam & Nelly Off the Hook's song cover
Inkopolis news Done! - News theme
Feel our colors Done! Sam & Nelly Cover
Fly Away Now Done! Sam & Nelly Cover
Shining Victory ?????? - Splatfest victory theme -
Inked Down ?????!/121/312? - Splatfest losing theme -

I changed they voices recently. I'll probably remake all the other songs anytime soon.

Splatfests list

Splatfest theme Announcement news Stages news Results news Winner Date
Vanilla vs Chocolate - - - Team Vanilla (Nelly) May, 2019
Pizza vs Pasta - - - Team Pizza (Nelly) June, 2019
Nice octolings vs Evil octolings - - - Team Nice octolings (Nelly) August, 2019
Squid Squad vs Wet Floor - - - - ??? (It was supposed to be in June 15th but I had to change it due to personal reasons. Y u c k).
Brushes vs Rollers - - - - ???
Jam vs Honey - - - - ???


Official art

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