Coral Reef is a Fanmade band created by agent 7 and friends. The band is based on the game Splatoon.

The band's genre is jazz. They use a saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, and drums.

Band Members


Pronounced "RE-u-E"

Rui is the trumpeter in the band, he is a short bobling that seems to reach the impossible when it's out of his reach. Although he is small for his age, he has quite a temper when it comes to some topics. His eyes are rarely seen due to him covering his eyes with his tentacles. Despite that, he is calm and collected when he is with his close friends and family.


Pronounced "KE-yo"

Kyo is the saxophonist in the band, they are very tall compared to the rest of the group. Because of their height, they seems to look intimidating, but actually is very laid-back and chill octoling. Their eyes are always closed and were never seen opened before. They are often seen helping out Rui with things such as reaching the top shelf in a grocery store aisle.


Pronounced "Tea-RA"

Tira is the trombonist in the band, she has a fish friend in her hair that mostly just hangs around and talks to her sometimes. Their hair seems to be wavy and full of tentacles, her tentacles sometimes accidentally stick to something and has a hard time unsticking. She has a lot of energy for her age and uses the trombone as her outlet.


Pronounced "Ke-no"

Kino is the pianist in the band, even though he looks like the smart and quiet type, he is actually an airhead. Despite that, he plays the piano quite well. He is often daydreaming with a blank stare at the wall. Kino ties his needles into a ponytail so he wouldn't hurt others around him. His appearance sort of resembles Spyke in some way.


Pronounced "Sac-Kur-RA"

Sakura is the drummer in the band, although they are the shortest in the band, they can play the drums quite well. She has a short temper which often leads her getting into trouble. She converts all of her anger to her drums in order to calm down. She is very coolheaded when it comes to music, which is a relief.


  • Rui is short for Hawaianbobuteiruika, that means Hawaiian Bobtail Squid in Japanese
  • Kyo is short for Kyodaina Taiheiyo no tako, that means Giant Pacific Octopus in Japanese
  • Tira is short for Sutikodakutira, that means Stichodactyla in Japanese
  • Kino is short for Ekinoida, that means Echinoida in Japanese
  • Kyo is identified as non-binary
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