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"Chase the river's flow!" 


CuttleFresh is a fan idol duo consisting of two cuttlelings named Ri and Tone.They host news and splatfest in Splatoon 3.



Ri is a little 16 year old Euprymna tasmanica, only 5'1 ft high.Her tentacles are dark green in color and, like most cuttlelings in splatoon 3, do not show ink color.Instead of the color of ink on Ri's tentacles there is a small amount of luminescent light green spots..Ri has two suction cups on each tentacle.Her eyes are gray with w-shaped pupils with two green cuttleling marks.

Ri wears a gray sweater with sleeves covering her palms, tall black shorts with glitter, light green tights and short boots.


Tone is an adult 18 year old Sepia apama, 5'9 ft high.Her tentacles are light crimson with luminescent crimson spots.Her tentacles are collected in ponytails on the sides of her head, the ends of two tentacles are cut off.Tone's eyes are the color of seafoam with cross-shaped pupils and familiar crimson cuttleling marks.

Tone wears a gray shirt, a black short skirt with sequins, white long gloves, crimson tights and long boots.


Ri and Tone were born in the nameless city of cuttlefish, but they had completely different fates before they went to Inkopolis along with other cuttlelings.Tone lived in a very strict, poor family. She lost her two tentacles when her family had nothing to eat, parents cut off tentacles also from some of her siblings.Tone ran away from home at an early age and from the very beginning tried to find a way out of the city of cuttlefish.She stole a guitar from someone to get at least some money from a street game.After a couple of months, the Ri family found and adopted her.During the torment of Tone, Ri lived calmly unaware of the threats of the outside world.Her parents had a lot of old musical instruments that they played in their youth, so Ri tried to make music in her free time.Tone and Ri were united by a musical atmosphere so they got along well.When the cuttlelings had to flee to Inkopolis, they lost their parents, but they themselves got to the city alive.To survive in the city of Ri and Tone decided to combine their musical skills.When things worked out, they continued to be a duet because they liked to write music together.Ri and Tone became known by accident and turned into the celebrities of Inkopolis.



Ri is a quiet and melancholy person.Fans are touched by her and her gentle voice.Despite the fact that Ri seems fragile inside she is sarcastic and impudent.


Tone doesn't hide her emotions.In her youth she needed attention, and when she received it she found inner peace.Tone is still a rebel.


  • Their names refer to the Japanese River Tone
  • Ri's and Tone's japanese names is Minami and Kyo come from their species
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