"Lets rev it up to the max!"

'DJ Lucina' is an idol creacted by Agent 9 and Veemy Productions based off of the video game franchise, Splatoon, to sing octoling covers of songs from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

she is 17


DJ Lucina has primarily brown tentacles, with orange tips, that change color depending on ink color. she wears a dark blue dress and shoes, the dress also has an orange ribbon wrapped around it, she is also wearing orange leggings that change color depending on ink color, like the ribbon.

she also has blue eyes, heart shaped pupils.

Character History

She was a octo who was freed by an "Unknown melody ," that was from a time before. Now, she studies human languages, translates them, and sings them.

Character relationships

Lucina has two close friends, Veemy, and Charlie, it isn't quite clear why they became such close friends. she also has a long standing rivalry with her friend Alchys


Open Your Heart cover

Moonlight Battlefield cover

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