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DJ Osmena is an upcoming underground Nautiling DJ, with cyberpunk aesthetics and different genres to work with. Her music can be heard throughout the Vampire Squid Expansion (fanmade DLC).


She is a Nautiling girl with brown skin and hidden eyes, covered by electronic LED shades (similar to Callie's hypnoshades). Her stranded light-colored hair is tied into two thick low pigtails. She has a pearly white iridescent shell, and her hood is also white but with luminescent diamond spots on it. Her outfit consists of a pearl-plated leather top with a pearlescent semi-transparent long fingerless glove on her left hand and dark purple tights. She has a pair of purple shell-shaped wireless headsets that resemble nautilus shells. Her fingertips are semi-transparent and is in colors of pink, blue, and purple.

Her chroma/color scheme changes its tint whenever the genre that she plays switches. When she plays upbeat electronic music, her hair turns neon yellow-lime and her shades display a rainbow spectrum on it. When she plays heavier trap beats, her hair turns fiery red-orange and her shades display a red pulse that constantly moves to the beat of the music. Lastly, when she plays chill lofi or calming ambiance beats, her hair turns pastel cyan-purple and her shades display a single cyclopic eye that blinks to the music.


A Nautiling DJ in her 30s-40s, even though she looks pretty young. She used to be the aspiring keyboardist of an infamous metal band called "Tentakill" , but broke off to start a career of her own. Back then, she was known under the name of "Hana Shinjuno", but now, as a solo DJ, she's known as DJ Osmena.

Although her cyberpunk appearance makes her seem mysterious and quirky, Osmena is actually quite sociable and chill. She does actually talk sometimes in a robotic gibberish tone and wear casual attire out of the stage, but never removes her shades out for some reason. When not making music, her shades would display dots, LED words, emoticon faces, or other weird responses.

Strangely, her music has reached the Abyss and caught its creatures' ears, thus making them vibe to her different tunes while destroying anything that crosses their path. Yikes.

Osmena also has a few Draculing fans, and collaborated with some musicians/idols before, including Inktank Quintet, the Beachcomb Buoys, and Zest N' Fresh.


  • Osmena is a type of pearl made from the shells of nautiluses.
  • Her real name is based on "Shinjuno-hana", which means "mother of pearl" in Japanese.
  • Her background, appearance, and parts of backstory are based on DJ Sona, a League of Legends playable (skin) character.
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