DJ Yalo is created by agent 7 and friends and is also a fan made humanoid species that is also made by agent 7 and friends.


DJ Yalo is a 24 year-old, 5'7" (1.7018m) Fishling based on the Aplysia Fasciata (aka Sooty Inkfish). Their hair is a mint green color with the usual dark distorted ovals. Unlike the hairstyle called, "Puffy Bangs", he seems to have some hair on the back of his head.

His skin is kinda a tan color. Like many other male fishlings, he has the usual 3 small waves on his eye mask. His irises are a lime green color.


He is mute so he is unable to communicate through speech. Although he is an independent young individual, he is willing to do a collab with another musician or band.


Name Type Musicain Whereabouts Song Duration
Splatting Surprise Electro, Hip-Hop N/A Storymode N/A
Unknown World Wave N/A Storymode 1:13
For Eels?! Dub-Step N/A Storymode N/A
Forbidden Rebellion Japanoise, Techno N/A Leader of Fishling Kainalu's theme N/A


  • Apparently he is an runaway soldier and became a musician from hearing calamari inkantation from the battle of Agent 7 and Kainalu
  • He apparently has a liking towards really sour sweets.
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