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Deep Wave Umbra (DWU for short), is the stage name for Luca, an Inktoling DJ and popular music producer for video games. DWU's style is mainly chiptune, though for his DJ sets, he often remixes his songs to fit the rave scene.


Luca grew up in the outskirts of Seabream Coast, a small market city near a part of the Underground Railway. His mother was an Octarian soldier and his father a vendor. They met when his mother found her way to the surface and heard the vending cart's music, composed by his father. This opened her mind and they began to visit each other regularly.

Luca's mother did not want to raise him in the Underground, but ended up doing so at his father's hopes that he would be a revolutionary for their species. Luca was trained by his mother, and they would frequently move to avoid the army attempting to take him in. Eventually, his mother passed, and Luca began to pursue music in an attempt to live his parent's dream.

He would place contraptions with his music playing around the battlefields and training grounds, but his music never reached any of the soldiers. He began to give up, but then found forums online for aspiring musicians. He signed up and posted some of his content online, and it gained a following among some of the surface and underground dwellers alike. This motivated him to cultivate his sound, and he ended up composing the soundtracks to various indie games.

His DJing scene started once word of the Squid Sisters hit the Underground. He wanted to rival DJ Octavio in the music scene, and just composing songs for games wasn't going to cut it. He held his first gig, and the turnout was decent enough to keep him going. He held regular showings for his small group of fans, and then the Underground was opened, allowing him to come to the surface and share his sound. This also opened up opportunities for more gaming tracks, and he even ended up composing for a number of triple a titles. He continues to hold gigs regularly.


Luca is headstrong, always trying to get himself out there and make his voice heard. He knows when to stay low, but often got into fights against soldiers who spotted him placing his devices. He doesn't mince words, and often comes off as rude, but is simply brutally honest. He's turned down deals simply because he doesn't like the person asking for his music, or even because he doesn't like the game concept. He adores Dedf1sh, but doesn't think of them as an inspiration, that title goes to Octavio.

He doesn't have anyone he'd call a friend, but he appreciates his fans and will usually give autographs or selfies if he's in a decent mood.


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  • Luca's name comes from the phylum for squids and octopi, mollusca.
  • The logo for DWU is in two alphabets. The D and U are in Octarian, and the W is in Inkling. This represents his dual heritage.
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