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"Swim Deep!"

Deepsea Drop is a fan made Idol Duo that explore the new Kamabo Co. and host Inkopolis News in the fan game, Splatoon 3: Cuttlefish Expansion. They give announcements for general news, and Splatfests, from Deepsea Studios which is located in the new Hub where Cuttlelings tend to hang out, Inkopolis Commons. The Idols consists of Marine, a Cuttleling, Luster, an Inkling.



Marine is a 19 year old Cuttleling. She's 5'8" and is the tallest out of the two. Marine's hair is a cream variant, and during Splatfests, changes color at the tips in a fade. Her tentacles don't consist of Suction Cups, which is apart of the Cuttleling Species. She has one smooth eyelash per eye, giving her a sassy yet sophisticated look. Her pupils have cross in they, her eye color being grey. Her beauty mark is located below her right eyebrow, closer towards her eye bridge.

Marine's Iconic color is sky blue

 Official Art

Deepsea News Start-Up

Deepsea Drop News Start-Up

Luster Hero Mode Icon

Luster Hero Mode Icon

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