Downtown Gossip Is a Fanmade Webcast Created by OpalTheOcto. This Webcast Is run by a cuttleling named Tetra.


Downtown Gossip Is a Webcast Run by a Cuttleling named Tetra. Most of the videos posted are, well, gossip related, talking about all the latest Drama, Rumors, Music, Etc. Tetra's most popular videos are ones where she talks trash about Ocean Rush.


Tetra is a 21 year old Cuttleling. Her hair is yellow, fading into pink with diamond splotches at the tips of her tentacles, She normally puts her hair up in pigtails with two tentacles down. Her eyes are pink, and she has a pink diamond-like marking on each of her eyelids.

She is normally seen wearing a pink dress, a black jacket, yellow leggings and pink slip-ons. She wears light pink crop-tops and jean shorts as casual wear.


Tetra was born and raised in Inkopolis Plaza. She was born into a very rich household. her parents spoiled her by getting her everything she wanted when she wanted, as they expected her to be grateful, though the were far too busy with their studies to teach her good behavior, as they thought that she already knew how to behave, when she was 9, she starting browsing social media, and started watching vlogs, most of the ones she watched were spoiled squid kids, and she thought that's how normal people act. When she turned 14 her parents gave her a splatling, so she immediately went to the lobby to do some turf war. when she got to the spawn-point she saw an Inkling observing her weapon, she pulled the Inkling aside and asked her name, the Inkling said her name was Sky, Tetra demanded that Sky to be her friend, She said sure in a surprised tone, after some rounds of turf war, they went and hung out, it went like this for a bit, but then Tetra started saying nasty things about Sky behind her back, it got to the point where Tetra didn't even care if Sky was around to hear it, Sky was to afraid to leave the relationship so she stayed, and whenever Tetra said something bad about her, Sky would just laugh awkwardly. 6 months after splatoon's finalfest, Sky went to Tetra, and told her that she didn't want to be friends with her anymore, she told her about how she felt, about how those nasty comments affected her, and that she would be moving away in a few months to get a fresh start, to find a new life, and to chase her dreams. when Sky finished her heartfelt speech, Tetra started yelling, screaming, she insulted Sky, she screamed at Sky for an hour, only to see her turn to leave. she spent the most of her time playing turf war and ranked battles. Until one day, a year after Splatoon 2's Finalfest, it was announced that Ocean Rush would begin to host Inkopolis news in Downtown Inkopolis, when Tetra saw that Sky was one of the Idols, she became furious. she begged for her parents to move with her to Downtown Inkopolis, and when they refused, she went and packed her things and left on her own. She decided to become Ocean Rush's biggest hater and rival, so she created a webcast called Downtown Gossip, where she could speak her mind, no one believed her when she said her and Sky were old friends, but she didn't care, she wants to make drama, and she's gotten very popular by doing so. She wants Sky to fail, and she won't stop until she does.


Tetra is extraverted and extremly talkative, kinda like Aqua, but she is very toxic. She is rude, manipulitive, and bad-attituded. she is very short-tempered and likes to see others suffer, she likes to spread rumors and gossip in her free time, and on her webcast. when she loses turf war, she often screams at her teammates, causing most people to avoid her.

She often acts nice and cheerful, but she can be very harsh. She blames others for her mistakes and belittles them, and often laughs at the mistakes of others.


  • A good chunk of the ideas presented here were suggested by Luka, you should check out their idol group Lost At Sea
  • Meringuepie helped me with some of the backstory, you should check out their idol group 8RMZ
  • Tetra is a Flambouyant Cuttlefish
  • Even though she hates Ocean Rush, she still participates in their splatfests
  • She considers herself a net idol, though her viewers find her to be more of a anti-idol
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