EXT-Ink (JP: ゼツミンク Zetsuminku) is a techno metal band created by SunnyGoLucky AKA TheEggHeSins. And consists of characters that are based on members of the villian faction from the 2019 tokusatsu show, Kamen Rider Zero-One.



Ryo sort of stands out in an odd way from other starlings. While most starlings that make it big are often vain, flashy and glamorous, Ryo leans in more on a dark and gritty aesthetic and appears much more humble. He often hides his face in his hair as well as with a gas mask.

He's known Dena for quite a while and when he found out about her experience in techno music, he proposed they combine the genre's they enjoy playing and form a band.

Ryo're role in the band is as a guitarist as well as back-vocals, his gas mask providing for an interesting muffled effect when he sings.


Dena is a bit of a sassy blanket octoling who likes to get to know the most in people in befriends. She serves the role of producing the techno aspects of EXT-Ink's tracks.

Being an octoling with monochromaism, Dena had naturally found it a little difficult to participate in regular old turf wars due to her limited ink-producing abilities. However, she took this as an opportunity to flesh out a different skill in music, to which she did her best to master. It was only until she formed EXT-Ink with Ryo was she able get her talent out there.

It's also worth noting that Dena plays some rather mean dualies (particularly she enjoys playing with dapple dualies) in the rare event where she can actually participate in battles.


Toge is a Barbed Janling, which naturally means he's a bit on the short-tempered alongside his slightly aloof attitude.

Due to his interesting in technology, he got along decently well with Dena, who in turn was all things considered, rather tolerant of his grumpy demeanor. He was the first one to be given the offer of joining the band, to which he accepted after thing back on how he felt that some more grittier music would be nice to hear in Inkopolis' soundtrack.

He takes on the role of the lead vocalist of the band. More often than not, he channels his temper into his singing, giving him a sense of blowing off steam as well as just in-general feeling cool.


Uuni was the most recent member in the roster. Being a specific type of sea urchin, they're generally short despite being at least a young adult. Their demeanor is mostly antisocial, but it's clear they do have a lot of interaction with their bandmates, helping them breaking out of their shell a small bit.

Due to that fact that they were generally someone who kept to themself prior to joining EXT-Ink, it feel almost out of the blue when they decided to step up and join the band when they were looking for more members.

Surprisingly, Uuni played a rather good bass guitar, netting them the role of the band's bassist.

Hono and Satsu

Hono and Satsu are an anenome and clownfish duo. Whilst Hono is a bit more on the energetic (and maybe even a slight bit childish) side, Satsu tends to be much more chilled as well as a fish of few words. That being said, he always tries to be encouraging to those around him despite that.

Their entry into the band was a strange case. After recgonizing an old friend (Toge) was part of the band, they felt determined to get in as well. At first it seemed like there was no way, so Hono decided to dedicate himself a bit to learning the guitar, something he had a little experience in prior but had put it off for a while.

It took some convincing for the others to hear him out, but once he was able to prove his worth with his newfound skills, he was able to net himself a place as another one of the guitarists alongside Ryo.


Minari is a sea nettle with a slight temper problem (though not to the extent of Toge), but overall does have a bortherly attitude towards some of his fellow bandmates.

Originally he had come from New Sardine to seek his own little music career after being inspired by his sister's success and attempt to become an individual. Hopping onto the band felt right for him when he got the place, feeling that maybe he could inspire others like him to act outside of the standard hivemind.

In the band, he plays the role of the drummer.


Title Genre Song Type
Rising Tides Techno/Metal Battle Theme
Marine Madness Techno/Metal Battle Theme



  • As mentioned above, each of the members are based on
  • Minari is actually the older brother of Deep Dive's Nami.
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