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Eulittoral Railroad is an idol trio created by “Luka”. It consists of an Sheetling, a Cuttleling and a hybrid of an inkling and a herring. it's kind of a wip


Eulittoral Railroad gets its name from the fact that the group never stays in one place, unlike most duos. They travel across Inkopolis to perform, and they also go abroad about once a year. They’ve visited several places, such as the Iitaulian peninsula and the Hauia Islands. The members consists of Flo, a blanket octoling, Ebb, a Striped Pyjama Cuttleling, and Mare, a hybrid of a herring and an inkling. They bring Splatfests and colors all over the world. However, they do not host splatfests in Inkopolis.

Flo (モフ)

Flo is a Blanket Octoling. She is the tallest of the group, standing at 6’1. Her signature color is purple. She has violet eyes, with her pupils being white and infinity symbol shaped. As for her hairstyle, her two front tentacles are the same as in the average octo-haircut, but the back of her hair is more blanket-like. The edges of it have the other two tentacles on it, and in between them is a translucent membrane that splits up in the middle when left to grow normally. In addition, the blanket of her hair is done up in a bubble braid of sorts, which has the interesting ability to hold light items in the braids because of the nature of her hair. Her skin is rather pale. She has glitter on her cheeks that is always purple.

Flo often has to bear the majority of the load for the band, and she tends to snap easily, getting very angry over even the little things. Despite this, she is very caring and loving, and always tries to help her fellow idols, whether its helping Ebb mature, or helping Mare break out of his shell. Flo's voice is very soft and quiet, and it cracks a lot, but thanks to Ebb's help, she's been improving a lot.

Flo's parents came from a small island inhabited by the Blanket Octolings, but in the past decade or so, they made their voyage to Inkopolis. Her parents took notice of her excellent writing, and enrolled her in a school that heavily focused on Inklish and writing. Because of that, Flo is currently multilingual, able to speak her native language, Inklish, and Eel! Eventually, she tried out for the chance to become a songwriting for a famous pop group, along with Ebb. Unlike Ebb, who failed to succeed, she was selected over the other entries. She quickly got to work on writing songs, but she quickly lost interest, disgusted by the corniness of the songs she was tasked with writing. She soon quit, and she recalled her favorite voice she heard in the auditions, Ebb's. She reached out to her online, and the two quickly became close friends. Together, along with Ebb and Mare, whom Flo invited to a meeting of sorts, they released their first song, The Reef, which gave them unfathomable fame around the world.

Ebb (マイ)

Ebb is a Striped Pyjama Cuttleling. She’s the smallest of the group, only 4’7. Her signature color is pink. Her eyes are pink, with white, plus-shaped pupils. Her hair is fairly short, with two large tentacles framing her face, two more covering her forehead and partially her eyes, and two small ones in the back. Her tentacles appear white with stripes that match a tint of her current ink color.. She has darker skin compared to the other members, and she has a beauty mark just below her mouth.

Ebb's personality is under construction!

As a child, Ebb grew up dreaming of being rich, beautiful and successful. She was noted to have a good voice, and she participated in many singing events, slowly earning a good reputation with her talent. At the age of 16, she tried out for many different idol groups, but she was not accepted into any of them. After the tryout that scored Lita a job, the two got in touch, and, a few weeks later, Lita presented Ebb and Mare her lyrics for The Reef. Both reacted positively, and the two got to work on writing melodies, singing, and whatnot. When they released it, it became an instant hit.


Mare is a hybrid of a herring and and an inkling. He stands in the middle, at around 5'4. His signature color is orange. His eyes are teal, with white, plus-shaped pupils. His hairstyle is fairly simple. Due to his hybrid nature, all of the hair on his right side is that of an inkling, while that of his left side is herring. The tentacles that frame the left side of his face go down to his shoulders, and on his right side, his hair is like slices of sashimi, with shiny scales on top. He still obeys the 6 tentacle rule, the only difference being that 2 of them aren't tentacles. His skin tone is pale and gray, as opposed to the normal skin color of inklings, and his ears are long, but fin like.

Mare was born to a couple of star crossed lovers- an Firefly Inkling dad and a herring mother. Surprisingly, his parents were truly in love and they lasted so long they're still together today. His father was very skilled with music, and quickly began teaching him how to write songs, although Mare never was able to write his own lyrics, only the melody and structure. He often spent a lot of time with one of his cousins who also enjoyed music, Nishida. Nowadays, the two rarely talk, but they're known to have a close relationship. Mare knew Lita for a few years prior to the formation of Eulittoral Railroad, and the two had bonded over time. When Flo introduced Ebb into their group, Mare was very shy and withered, but he opened up to her, and he did the work for the instrumental in the song that rocketed them to stardom.

Mare is ridiculously shy. He hates making eye contact with anyone except his friends, and he keeps to himself at all times. If you'll ever see him in public, he'll be trying to hide his identity in every possible way. Thanks to his pals, he's been improving to the point where he can preform on stage, but he still doesn't like meeting new people a ton. He tends to sleep in a lot, and often finds himself late to meetings of all sorts. Mare likes to quietly post instrumentals he composes online, under the moniker Aestivalis. The music he composes is a fusion of late 80's and early 90's grooves and modern EDM, which is partially what makes Eulittoral Railroad so beloved. In particular, he enjoys the music of the infamous cuttlefish idols that defined the 80's, and happens to own an extremely rare copy of their Greatest Hits album.


Nothing for now. I'm putting this group on the back burner for a while.


Fanart/Requested Art

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  • Flo and Ebb both take their names from the term ebb and flow.
  • Mare's name is taken from the Italian term for the sea.
  • The term Eulittoral refers to a certain depth of the ocean, another name for it is intertidal.
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