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Fathom Out (JP - Cephalobots セファロボット) is an upcoming robot idol duo consisting of C-10 (Trent) and V-08 (Marion). They serve as the newscasters and splatfest hosts of Inkopolis Outskirts. Trent is a Cuttleling boy and Marion is a Draculing boy. They take on robot costumes and personas as idols, and their music genre ranges from electronic and house to disco and techno.


Fathom Out first met when they attended 8th grade in Blacktip Secondary School. Trent volunteered to partner up with Marion during science class. There, they started to talk and discovered that they have many mutual interests in music. The two began to hang out more and formed a strong bond ever since. Trent convinced Marion to talk to other students, and although it didn't work out perfectly, Marion was more willing to open up now. 

Before forming into a duo, both Trent and Marion were in an indie rock band called the “Beachcomb Buoys”, with another member, who became a future guitarist of another band later on. They disbanded after the band failed miserably when they tried to play at the school prom. Not long after that, Trent and Marion picked up a deep interest in electronic and house music from attending raves in Inkopolis, causing them to form Fathom Out. In the beginning, they clumsily tinkered with synths (but improved as they go) and hosted casual raves at night as normal Cephaling folks. However, they began to gain fame after their first-ever album hit the record stores of Inkopolis. Not only that, but they also got a big company’s “idol” deal on Inkopolis Outskirts, since the place has been lacking idols for more than a decade, which was guaranteed to push their career further.

Since both Trent and Marion are pretty shy and don’t want fans pestering/stalking them in public, they worked with their record company to create fun robot costumes and helmets that can hide their faces from the public during the news, concerts, and splatfests. They also have robot codenames as well: C-10 and V-08. They also use a robotic voice filter in both the news and their songs. Their secret identities are well-hidden, however, sometimes they choose to tell some of their closest friends and trusted acquaintances about their robot idol career.

General information

Trent (C-10)


Trent (JP - Osukou オースコウ) is a 19-year-old Cuttleling of the species Sepia apama. He's 185cm tall, and is fairly skinny. He has golden blond short symmetrical hair and a wavy "mantle" behind his head like many other Cuttlelings. His eyelids are downturned and have thin bottom eyelashes (3 each eye). Trent's eyes are brown with equilateral triangle-shaped pupils. His skin tone is neutral fair. His beauty mark is located above his right eye. His ears are shaped like triangles, but elongated and thin.

As C-10, he wears a silver helmet with a squid-shaped visor and hero-like headphones, both of which can project LED lights on it. His clothes consist of grey jacket and pants with LED lights embedded on them, silver zippers, neon orange strings on the shoulder, silver robot gloves, and a pair of boots with silver heels. His leggings fade from vivid orange to orange red.


As C-10 (robot), he keeps things chill and cool. He’s extroverted one of the duo and has a happy-go-lucky personality, always being very informed as a bot. When he's unmasked, Trent is more charismatic and serious. He has a strange interest in sci-fi movies and is always excited to explore the mysteries of what's under Inkopolis.

Growing up in a family with high expectations, he appears to be naive and submissive under the presence of authority,  specifically his parents, constantly climbing up to their high expectations, and not so confident when it comes to showing his true talent. However, Marion convinced him to find more confidence in doing what he likes, instead of looking for an authority figure's approval. 

His main ink color is neon orange. He mains splatlings in turf war. 


Trent was born to an influential old-school Cuttleling musician family in Calamari County, and then later moved to Inkopolis City. He had an easy life with his family’s wealth but was pressured to learn music as a child, although he didn’t want to complain about it. He was considered a “prodigy” just like his father - but behind the scenes, he wasn’t ever happy with it, as he’s not yet allowed to write his own music or experiment with more modern genres.

Trent's family has high expectations for him, not just in music, but also in general. He skipped a grade in middle school, had almost perfect records in terms of academics (grades, sports, behavior), and not to mention, decent popularity around girls, but it seems like most people don’t really understand his real interests...

In fact, Trent actually admires more modern genres like rock, pop, and electronic music. Unlike his family who doesn’t like the newer tunes, he was willing to try new things out for the better. Music writing was his way of expressing himself and dealing with stress, even if it means disobeying his parents a little. But he needed someone to help him expand his new music further, and that was no one other than his best friend, Marion.

After Fathom Out got successful, he still feared the criticism from his parents. They wished that he should have been doing something more serious like a solo career, but were impressed with his idol incomes. Trent’s father even gave him useful advice, and the pressure he put on Trent decreased a bit. This greatly improved their relationship, even if it's just a little. 

Marion (V-08)


Marion (JP - Mori モリ) is a 20-year-old Draculing, the humanoid descendants of the cephalopod species Vampyroteuthis infernalis. He is 170cm tall and has a thicker body build. He has long jet black fading to sky blue hair with thin webbed bangs that cover his eyes, and white spines on his "hair" that resemble horns/ rose thorns, plus long filaments that fade from jet black to dark blue. His skin tone is golden fair. His eyelids are slightly upturned and have triangle-shaped marks on the bottom and top parts. Marion's eyes are light blue with lighter upside-down equilateral triangle-shaped "pupils", and his sclera is pitch black, like any Draculings'. His beauty mark is located above his left eye.

As V-08, he wears a golden helmet with a vampyromorph-shaped visor and "ears", both of which can project LED lights on it. His clothes consist of a long shirt with square LEDs embedded on it, golden zippers, neon light blue strings on the shoulder, short gray sleeves and collar, golden robot gloves, and a pair of boots with golden heels. His leggings fade from ultramarine blue to pale blue.


As V-08 (robot), is more introverted and shy, but more assertive and funny. He can make various types of jokes, including dark ones. Without the helmet, Marion is moody and downbeat, but he’s not exactly your generic shy chill right side idol.

He’s also more courageous than Trent and got the rebellious trait from his ancestors. Though,  he had poor socializing skills and difficulty expressing his feelings correctly. Marion is shorter than Trent (he reaches Trent’s nose) but he’s one year older.

His main ink color is pastel blue. He mains brushes in turf war.


Marion was the great-great-grandson of the last Draculing tribe leader, who led his race to migrate into the surface for a better life. This leader was rebellious, unwilling to stay in the darkness like the other tribes. The surviving Draculings didn’t know what to do on the surface at first, as it doesn’t seem like most creatures welcome their presence. Yet, they slowly adapted Inkling culture and language, conforming to the ways of their fellow 10-limbed cousins.

Marion’s family didn’t have too much nor little. As a child, Marion was timid and socially awkward towards other children his age. He had great trouble trying to be friendly, which causes his peers to leave him out of school activities. Without any friends, life didn't seem as great for him, until he was given a cheap toy guitar by his parents on his 8th birthday, which gave a spark to his future musical talent.

By the time he started attending middle school, he found a liking in splatbands, and started to learn to play a few instruments with the help of teachers and local musicians. He thought he was better off as a loner and avoided getting too deep into any conversation with anyone. However, everything changed for him when Trent decided to choose him as his science partner. The two became great friends, and from Trent, Marion started to gain more self-confidence.

As Fathom Out became more popular, Marion was more willing to talk to new people. He and Trent started a new wave of music for Draculings and other cephalopod kids, which was one of his favorite accomplishments. Seeing Draculings finally finding a nice place for themselves in a big city of Inklings was quite pleasant for Marion. Aside from this, Marion has a younger sibling who is also a DJ like him, but they make music for the shops across Inkopolis Outskirts instead. Not much is known about their relationship.






Official art 

Both / General







  • Trent and Marion's names are a wordplay on "Mariana Trench", a deep-sea location. 
  • C-10 stands for "Cuttlefish-10" (10 is the number of cuttlefish limbs), and V-08 stands for "Vampire Squid-08" (8 is the number of vampyromorph limbs). 
  •  They're based on the French electronic music duo Daft Punk.
  •  Trent's Japanese name is based on his species' name in Japanese (Ōsutorariakouika - Australian giant cuttlefish.)
  •  Marion's Japanese name is also like that. (Kōmoridako - vampire squid)
  •  Their name and catchphrase is short and simple like "Stay Fresh!". It means to get to the bottom of something, and also a maritime phrase.
  • Official icons made by fellow user Panda Universe :)
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