Fire and ice is the idol duo consisting of Ember and Baia.

They are the idols of Inkopolis Cove, a large secretive city located in a large hole between four towering rocks.


Age: 19

Height: 7'02

Ember's design was based off of the chinook salmon.

Species: Salmonid



Ember grew up like all other salmonids, who were forced to fight only in their salmon form. After nearly being killed during a fight, Ember ran away. Since then, all of the other Salmonids would tease her and attack her, calling her a coward. During being teased, Ember exited her salmon form to reveal a salmonling who was extremely tall, even for her own species, the tallest. However, she was planned to be executed for exiting her salmon form. Desperate to survive, Ember fled the bay, all while being chased. She saw a small opening between the rocks, and knew that she was tall, but thin, and could probably squeeze through. To her surprise, she had entered Inkopolis Cove. This pristine city was nothing like she had seen before! She quickly tried to escape, but realised that the crack was sealed, and had no idea how she could have gotten in. She screamed loudly, and suddenly felt a cold hand touching her arm. She looked to her left, and then down, to see Baia looking back up at her. Thinking she was a little kid, she almost asked where her parents were, but Baia instead let her into her apartment and the two were best friends ever since.


Ember is very hyperactive, often screaming on air and off, waving her arms, and stomping. She can also be very intense, often letting her rage get the best of her and accidentally splatting her coworkers or friends, which Baia has dealt with many times.


Age: 20

Height: 5'03"


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