"High tide or low... Go with the flow!"


Coral is a 17-year-old inkling who is 5'4" in height. Her ink color is bubblegum pink and her permanent ink color at the top is cream. Her eyes are light blue with a dark blue rhombus as the pupils. She bears an odd resemblance to Pearl, despite the two not being related in the least.

Her outfit is a silver dress with a pink x running across it and silver shoes.

She is a very bubbly girl and idolizes Pearl. She sings, and in the band's cover of City of Color sings Callie part. Her solo song is called "Going Swimmingly." She plays the Keyboard.


Kai is an 18-year-old Octoling who is 5'5" in height. her ink color is mint green and her permanent ink is black. Her eyes are lavender with a darker purple clover mark in it. Some say she looks like Marina (I personally don't see it.)

Her outfit is a silver dress with a mint x running across it, mint leggings, and silver shoes.

She is sarcastic and idolizes Marie. She sings too, and in the bands cover of City of Color, she sings Marie's part. Her solo song is called "Waiting for you." She plays the rock guitar.


Kai's Mom was an Elite Octoling named Kelli. Kelli and Kai heard the Calamari Inkantation when Kai was 14. Kai realized that she had killed thousands of Inklings, and she got really suicidal and wanted to jump off Mount Nantai.

"Hey, don't do... it please..."

Coral came at the last minute and helped Kai get over her depression, and when Coral came up with the notion of creating a band, kai felt like she owed her life


Sela is a 19-year-old Makoling who is 5'7" in height. Her ink color is gray/blue and her fin is dark gray. Her eyes are pale orange with a darker orange X as the pupil. She is

one of the only survivors of Hurricane Hime.

Her outfit is a silver dress with a gray/blue X across it with gray/blue shorts and silver shoes.

She is kind of a punk, in a way, and treats her bandmates as younger sisters (just get the Uchi personality from animal crossing and that's her) She idolizes Marina, as she appreciates her music style. In the bands cover of Fly Octo Fly (Ebb and Flow Octo) she sings Marina's part.

Her solo is called Riptide. She does Synth stuff.


She was born in the makoling empire. When she was 14, a massive hurricane struck and most Makolings died. She was tending a baby shark (do do do do do do) who had been born too early, and needed a growth tank. She saw a huge wave of water coming and she leapt into a larger, empty groth tank with the baby's capsule. She clutched it until it all passed.

Sela washed up on the shore of Inkopilis Beach, where Coral and Kai happened to be spending the afternoon. Kai spotted her and took her out of the tank. The baby had slipped away, into the sea. She was badly injured, so Coral and Kai took her to their apartment and tended her until she recovered. Kai found her tinkering around with some of Corals keyboards. She brought Sela a synth... machine... thingy... and she made her solo song, Riptide.

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