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Hurricane is a techno themed idol duo by Inklings4Life consisting of Angel Yakisoba (An Inkling girl) and Sakana Yakisoba (An Inkling boy). These Inklings are actually twins who are from a small town in the Squilippines. (Used to be known as the Philippines) Both of them are Sepioteuthis Squid. (AKA the Reef Squid or the Oval Squid)


Angel and Sakana came to Inkopolis hoping to create their music alongside the other squidtastic bands, but none of them thought that they were cut out for the big time. Angel and Sakana then decided to make their own music videos, and host a fake Inkopolis News program on SquidTube. Both twins became SquidTube superstars, and everyone thought they would make great news reporters for real!

A few years later, Angel and Sakana formed what is now Hurricane, and they both became Inkopolis County's News Reporters! Both of them love their lives just the way they are in Inkopolis County! (The name change to Inkopolis County was made a few months after Inkopolis' Final Fest)



The inkling girl with a bubbly personality! She's 5' 2" tall, and her tentacles are a hot neon pink. Her tentacles are 3' long, and they're wrapped into a nice looking bun! (It's very hard to get it to look like that, but she does it anyway!) She is super kind, and always tries to help anyone in need, even the most sketchy of people. She wears an orange top with a little white jean jacket, her shorts are grey with pink spots, and she wears flat black ankle boots with buckles on the sides.


Sakana: The Inkling boy who can be a little overprotective of his "little" sister. (They're twins, but he's 8 seconds older than her.) He's 5' 6", and his tentacles are neon teal. His tentacles aren't that long at all. They're cut into a normal-everyday hairstyle. (Just a simple crew cut look.) He's very nice, after you personally know him, but he's usually a little tense. Only because Angel drives him up the wall! (It's funny to Angel, not Sakana...) He wears a blue v neck t-shirt with a black jean jacket, he wears leggings with the teal stripes on the sides, and he wears white ankle boots with buckles on the sides.


  • Angel and Sakana's names, when put together, make Angelfish!
  • Angel's Japanese name is Tenshi.
  • Sakana is Japanese for fish.
  • Angelfish can be found in the Philippines!
  • Angel and Sakana's neon tentacles can glow in the dark like glow sticks! Their tentacles do that because, when they were born, they became a little radioactive, but this doesn't affect their personal health, or anyone else's. (This is not true, for real Reef Squid)


  • Magical Ink! - Hurricane (Splatfest Theme) [Techno]
  • Ink Over My Heart! - Angel (Angel's Solo) [Slow Techno]
  • Don't Back Down! - Sakana (Sakana's Solo) [Fast Techno/Rock]
  • What's the News? - Hurricane (News Theme) [Jingle]
  • Master of Turf! - Hurricane (Winning Theme) [Happy Techno]
  • You'll Get 'Em Next Time! - Hurricane (Losing Theme) [Upset Techno]
  • Super Jump to the Stars! - Hurricane (Splatfest Song) [Upbeat Techno]
  • Think Ink! - Hurricane (Splatfest Song) [Upbeat Techno]
  • Keep it Fresh! - Hurricane (Splatfest Song) [Upbeat Techno]


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