Ink Blending is a fan duet, created by cataiq or RifuInkStar.They host the Inkopolis News and announce Splatfests.The duo consists of the sea hareling Neri and inkling Fina.



Neri is a 21 year old sea slug, of the species Janolus fuscus(175cm). She was born with a unique ability for her species.She has an ink bag. Neri's hairstyle consists of four white tentacles, two of which are braided in the ponytail at the back, while the rest are located on the sides, covering the ears. Her tentacles is yellow at the tips. She has a fluffy antenna. Each tentacle and antenna have a light brown streak. Neri has large mint eyes. On each eye, there is one long and two short eyelashes on top. Her face and shoulders are covered with freckles.

Neri wears a long black dress with a half long skirt. On her legs are black knee-high boots with a yellow sole. The left sleeve is missing and the right one is very long. The tip of the skirt and collar are yellow. Neri wears a spiral purple earring on her right ear. And in the left ear, piercing, like in the nose.


Fina is a 17 years old inkling, of the species Magnapinna Atlantica. This is a rare kind of deep-sea squid. Fina has two black tentacles, and a long fin at the back of her head with her tips colored purple and sprinkled with lilac dots. She wears two silver hair clips on one tentacle. If you look closely, you can see many small purple dots with hearts on her bangs and a bigger heart on the curve of one tentacle. Neri has blue tareme eyes with two long eyelashes. On the cheek are three small dots that are makeup.

Fina’s clothes are almost the same as Neri’s, but the boots are shorter, like the skirt. The arrangement of sleeves differ. Fina's ears are pierced along its entire length. On the right ear is a yellow spiral earring, and on the left is purple.

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