"Catch the wave!"

Inkwave is a fanmade idol duo created by Spear 

The duo consists of two octolings, Daya and Nito. Their genre of music is tropical house.



Daya is an 18 year old Octoling, of the species Octopus cyaneaDaya's idol apparel consists of a frilled top and shorts with orange ink splatter patterns on them and a dark purple belt with ribbons attached to it and dark purple sandals. She wears a headband with glittery conches and ribbons attached to it. Daya's eyes are crimson and her pupils are in the shape of a triangle pointing up.


Nito is an 18 year old Octoling, of the species Callistoctopus ornatus

Nito's idol apparel consists of a sleeveless tank top with a blue ink splatter pattern on it, a jacket with the top part revealed, a belt with blue ribbons attached to it, dark blue pants and tights, and light blue flip flops. His tentacles have "spikes" on them, he wears his tentacles in a ponytail. His hair tie has glittery seashells and ribbons attached to it. He also wears black glasses. Nito's eyes are purple and his pupils are in the shape of a triangle pointing down.



Daya is an extroverted and sweet octoling. She always seems to have a smile on her face, and makes sure everyone is having a good time. That’s mostly when she’s with large groups of people, it’s pretty exhausting for her to be happy and cheerful all the time so when she’s alone she’s a lot quieter than you’d expect. While she tries to put on a smilemost of the time she’s not always that confident. Hate comments from people online and having given up on singing for a while, she doesn’t know if she’s any good at all. She mostly hides her insecurities though, since she doesn’t want anyone to worry about her.

During her free time she’s usually out exploring Inkopolis. Since she’s still relatively new to the city, she likes to discover all the unique locations in Inkpolis. Though she does have a habit of getting lost in the big city...


Nito is much more introverted than Daya. He has a hard time handling large crowds and prefers to just spend time with Daya or chat with people online. When he’s forced to be with large groups of people he’s pretty quiet and doesn’t seem very interested in anything. While he loves to talk about his interests he doesn’t normally talk about them with anyone unless they’re very close to him, after being bullied for his interests as a kid he became scared of sharing anything about himself, which is why he’s so quiet when he’s with people he isn’t familiar with. 

One of the things he spends a lot of time on is gaming, since he’s anonymous when he’s online it’s easier for him to speak with those he’s playing with. He’s tried to get Daya to play a few games with him but she’s not very good at them and she gets annoyed by losing over and over so getting her interested in video games hasn’t gone very well so far...


As a child, Nito was bullied a lot for liking “girly” things, having long hair, liking pink, being a fan of music they thought was girly, etc. This impacted him a lot, as he started to isolate himself and had very few friends. Daya and him had been attending the same school, and Daya heard that he liked the same music as her, so she started talking with Nito and they quickly bonded over their shared interests. They were inseparable most of the time, and would spend all their free time together. Inspired by the idols and musicians they listened to, they began making music and performed it for their parents. They were pretty well known in their small town and told they had a lot of talent and should do it professionally someday. So Daya and Nito promised that they’d one day move to Inkopolis and become famous for their songs. 

They grew older, still playing music together and usually performing for events in their small town. They started considering moving to Inkopolis for real, as Nito got the opportunity to move to Inkopolis so he could further his musical career. While Daya wanted to join him, her family wanted her to stay so she could help out with their family business. Nito tried to reason with her family, it was to no avail. So Nito had to move to inkopolis by himself, and even though he was anxious about moving to such a large city without his best friend, Daya assured him that she’d eventually come join him and that they’d fulfill their dream, so he had a little more confidence. 

So they said farewell and went their separate ways. While they kept in contact for a little while, they soon became too busy and slowly stopped talking. Without Nito, Daya didn’t have much motivation to perform, so she quit singing. Nito had a hard time making new friends, as the only person he’d really talked to for years was Daya, so he was completely alone. Unlike Daya, he was still making music, and got the idea to begin posting his work online. He started gaining a following, and made a few new friends online. 

For a while they’d completely forgot their promise of becoming famous together, until one day where Daya was looking through her old things and found a video of them performing together as kids. She thought it was cute, and remembered their dream of being musicians in inkopolis. She sent the video to Nito, which made them start talking again. They began talking more and more frequently, talking about life and everything they’d experienced. Nito eventually convinced Daya to ask her family if she could go to Inkopolis. While she was pretty nervous about it, and knew it wouldnt be easy to convince them, she tried anyway. After a long argument, Daya managed to convince them. Her family realized they shouldnt keep her from achieving her dreams. Both of them were incredibly excited, as they could finally see each other in person again.  

Now reunited, they could finally focus on their goal of making music together. Daya realized that she wasnt that confident in her singing abilities as she hadn’t practiced in a very long time, but Nito assured her she could still do it. They started off by having Daya sing the vocals in some of Nito’s songs that he’d uploaded online, which had gained quite a large following, and while some of his fans disliked that Daya’s vocals were included in the music the majority loved the new addition. But that little bit of hate towards Daya made her insecurities worse, and she began thinking that maybe she shouldnt have began talking with Nito again in the first place. She kept all of this to herself though.

Inkopolis was looking for a new pair of idols to host inkopolis news. A new part of town had started hosting turf wars, which was Inkopolis beach. It was a bit quiter compared to the square or plaza, but that was nice for all the squids and octos looking for a more “chill” place to play turf war. Daya and Nito saw this as the perfect opportunity to get closer to their goal so they applied as news hosts. Inkopolis beach being a little quieter than the other turf war locations worked in their favour, as there weren’t that many applications. They ended up being picked. Both of them were a little shaky at first, they hadn’t thought much about the fact that they’d be on camera a lot and perform for a significantly larger audience than what they were used to, but they managed to handle it and were very well liked by those on Inkopolis beach.


Inkwave's music is made by Gavi Marion

Splatoon 3 - Yellow feat

Splatoon 3 - Yellow feat. Inkwave (Demo)-1

Cover of Yellow by KZ Livetune


Daya's side

Nito's side


Winner Dates
Popsicles Cones
28 sin titulo 20200603145223
Cones June 27-28th
Handheld Console
N/A July 26th-27th


  • Daya's name comes from the octopus she's based on, Octopus cyaneaalso known as the Day octopus.
  • Nito's name comes from the octopus he's based on, Callistoctopus ornatusalso known as the Night octopus.
  • Their Japanese names are Okina and Yoru. (Daya - Okina) (Nito - Yoru)
  • Daya's voice is Mirai Komachi, and Nito's is KAITO.

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