"Take a Leap... Into The Deep!" NOT DONE

Into The Deep is a fanmade idol duo created by Gardenwolf. They host the news and announce Splatfests in the city of Takoyo, a sprawling city deep underground.

Brooke is an Octoling, while Mariana is a Vampling.



Brooke is a 20 year old, 5'5" Octoling based on the Cirroteuthis Octopus. Her curvy hair is a vibrant mix of orange, yellow, and pink. Her main two tentacles curve from out of her forehead with pink roots and yellow-ish highlights on the tips covering an orange base. A small, bow-like group of four tentacles rests on the back of her head.

Brooke has a tanned skin tone, as well as unique "crown" eye markings. She wears a simple sundress that fades from white near the top to a vibrant pink near the bottom, a small wavy line of pure pink highlighting the bottom of her dress. Around her middle is a similarly vibrant pink ribbon with a four-fold yellow bow attached to the front. On the chest of the dress is a large, orange circle, highlighting Brooke's bright orange hair.

During splatfests, the orange of her hair is replaced with the color of her side. The pink roots and yellow highlights become similar, complimentary colors to her team's side.


Mariana is a 22 year old, 5'7" Vampling based on a Vampire Squid. Her hair color is an unnatural blue with purple roots and light green highlights. Her tentacles are fused together with a thick membrane, creating a drape-like look to her hair. A small bow made out of errant, non-membrane-d tentacles sits on her head near the "part" in her hair. Her tentacles come to points instead of rounded edges, similar to most other vampire squids. She has been self conscious about her hair since she was young, as it wasn't the common red color among most Vamplings, but recently embraced it after meeting Brooke and forming Into the Deep.

Mariana has a pale skin tone, as well as unique "upside-down-crown" eye markings. She wears a simple bubble dress that transitions from Dark blue near the top, to a light-ish purple bottom, with a dark seafoam line highlighting the hem. Around her middle is a light green ribbon, with a bright purple bow attached to the front. On the chest is a large, blue triangle, highlighting the blue of Mariana's hair.

During Splatfests, the blue of Mariana's hair is replaced with the color of her side. The purple roots and green highlights become similar, complimentary colors to her team's side.


The city of Takoyo is a large metropolitan city that lays deep underneath the above ground world of Inkopolis that is home to many denizens of the deep. It has always shaped itself after whatever remnants of the above culture could be found, trying to copy the above ground city of colors. It has thus become a hotspot for hopeful, deep-sea inklings, octolings, and every other creature under the metaphorical sun.

After the Events of Splatoon 2 and the Octo Expansion, once the Finalfest was officially ended, The city of Inkopolis became a mess. While the Finalfest had concluded, many of the citizens continued to fight over their own wanted futures, creating a sense of chaos that not even Pearl could have predicted. After the chaos began to drive some certain inklings and octolings mad, Takoyo advertised itself to the distraught public as a safehaven from the ongoing war in Inkopolis. Many Inklings and Ocotlings made their way down to Takoyo after that, further adding to it's reputation as a youngster's hotspot, and a new area for casual turf wars and ranked battles.

After the influx of new, above ground denizens, the City of Takoyo began to take in auditions for their own personal Pop Idol Duos to try and emulate the peace of what was previously Inkopolis. Into the Deep submitted their recordings of their biggest hit song, (add name later,) and the rest is history.

The rest is a WIP.



Brooke is a happy go lucky octoling with a bit too much energy for her own good. While she appears innocent, she adores dark jokes and often swears when off-camera. Brooke is incredibly touchy, and will constantly hug her friends and fans, much to their embarrassment. She openly expresses her love towards Mariana on camera, mostly because she enjoys teasing and flustering her partner.

More to come!


Mariana is a quiet, more introverted counterpart to Brooke's boundless energy. She loves poking fun at Brooke, and will always seek out an opportunity to make a bad joke. Despite having been a star for most of her life, Mariana much prefers sitting at home and streaming herself playing video games or skateboarding in her private rink.

More to come!




  • Brooke's weapons of choice are the Flingza Roller and all variations of the Tri-Slosher.
  • Mariana's weapons of choice are any variety of Blasters and the New Squiffer. Her personal favorite blaster is the Grim Range Blaster.
  • Mariana has a form of synesthesia where she can see music stream through the air in a variety of colors. She was not aware this wasn't normal until she met Brooke.
  • Brooke needs glasses, but barely wears them. This leads to her sense of clumsiness.
  • Mariana's favorite food is a Watermelon/Strawberry Boba slushie.
  • When Brooke focuses incredibly hard, she sticks her tongue out.
  • When Mariana focuses, she chews pens. She goes through about a box of pens in two months.
  • Brooke's favorite color is royal purple, as Mariana told her that was her voice's color.
  • Mariana's favorite color is pink, as it's the color of Brooke's voice.
  • Brooke and Mariana are a couple.

Official Art

There will be a hiatus of official art, because my drawing tablet decided to up and break. Inconvenience much?

Fan Art (maybe)

Brooke 2

HUUUUUGE Thank you to everyone who makes fanart! I love you guys so much!

(It won't let me upload images, but :b:ig shoutout to Mintydonut757 for her beautiful Brooke pixel art!)

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