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" Untill next time, shine beyond the sea!!!" J+K (their band's name) or also Known as Bright sea, consists of Jake, an octoling and his wife Kate, who is also an octoling but a sanitized clone. Before Becoming the idols of seatopia they were a band known as J+K because it only consisted of the two, but even to this day as Seatopia's idols they are known as both Bright sea and J+K and are called either one. Their sayings pose is one hand on the left hip ( right for Kate) with the other arm sticking down infront of them with their middle, index, and thumb down with their pinky and pointer sticking out. Their theme colors are Blue, Orange, Black and Gray.


Kate is an octoling girl with blue eyes, tan skin, and long hair. Kate and Jake are a couple from my comics. Kate has beautiful singing voice and sense of fashion. She's friend of sho, from inkproof boys, which koshou does not like. Kate loves Jake with all of her heart and is a caring person who can get very emotional. She is 21 years old about as old as Marina so they get along well but she is 2 years younger than Jake as she is also 5'2'' making her also 3 inches shorter than him. Her Idol apperence is similar to Jake's; a orange star and 2 blue dots next to it on her left cheak. She wears a crop top with a vest-like coller that is blue and a blue sleave with no sleave on the other arm. A ruffley skirt with the top layer blue and th bottom layer orange with black leggings and orange soled black boots. Her ink color for this outfit is orange.


Jake is an octoling boy with orange eyes, ran skin,and a tentacle on his head. Before he was agent 8. Jake was always a singer and knew the electric guitar. He cares a lot about Kate and once promised to win her a tournament. Jake likes Riva from coral star and is in her fan club. He likes taking walks on the beach with Kate. He is 23 years old like Marina because they were both in the Octarian army

History (from the comics)

Jake ment Kate as a member of team teal. One day he found her alone without her team, then asking her to join his team. After a while they became friends and worked together at Grizz co. One day, Kate went missing after being sent on a mission. With the help of Shpoie and Jackie ( two inkling girls) he was reunited with his friend and then proposed to her. After marriage, Kate had twin octolings named Kevin and Julie. With the help of their friends, the squid sisters, callie and Marie happily watch over the twins. Jake later newfound his passion for singing and retaught himself the electric guitar. Kate later then reveals herself as clone 1.792 of kamabo co. saying that she was able to appear as a normal octoling and not a sanitized. With Jake's love and worry for Kate he helped her fight away the sanitized version of her. Later on Kate is stolen by Opal for an experiment on sanitizeing when Jake came to her aid Opal badly hurt Kate. At the hospital, Kate was slowly being nursed back to health and she asks Jake of one last request "Win it....splatfest...for me, for you, for both of us... ". After excepting her request Jake sets out to train and find a sub for kate. While hanging at Aro-mist cafe, a octoling boy walks in being told he was very famous for wining tournaments. Jake asks if he could join his team and easily says yes. After the many matches Jake won the splatfest. They were invited to seatopia to become the news annouceers.

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