"Til' the next time, keep winning in this city"

Kai'Za (JP - クラーケン / Kraken) is a fanmade male idol duo created by kimsangie. They host the news, announce the scenarios as well as the Splatfests and other news in Inkopolis City, the largest city so far in Inkopolis. The members of this duo are Ginger (JP- 伊野 / Ino), a hybrid, and Daniel (JP -レイ/ Rei), an inkling.

After a long year, the duo was retired from their job, leaving Bubble Pop as their replacement in that big city; The rumours started spreading so fast that actually no one knows the truth behind their retirement.



Ginger is a 22 years old, 1'65cm hybrid. His long tentacles are red fading to coral at the tips, decorated with circular spots of different sizes with an off-white color that can only be seen on the nights of Splatfests. His eyelashes are lilac and his eyes are green, and he doesn't have different-shaped pupils like the known idols, the same goes for the pupils of his partner, Daniel. Although they are not normally seen, he has small coral eyebrows with a beauty mark above his left eye.

The clothing that he usually wears for his public activities consists of a cream-colored shirt with pastel red sleeves that are made with a material that glows in the dark, accompanied by a black necklace, pants of the same color and gray platform boots. He has a golden piercing in his nose and three silver tendrils in his left ear. This set of clothes, like Daniel's, is designed by Meleloa, Kai'Za's personal designer.

His signature color is coral, although there has been rumors that say he has been seen using magenta ink.


Daniel is a 20 years old, 1'76cm inkling, of the species Loligo Reynaudii. He has long navy blue tentacles which reflect the brightest lights in their environment, they usually fade to magenta or purple. He has black eyelashes and brown eyes with darker pupils, his eyebrows have the same tone of blue as his tentacles and his left eyebrow has a small cut, they're accompanied by a beauty mark above his right eye. His face tends to show serenity in the vast majority of cases, unlike his partner, that has a determined expression.

Like Ginger, for his public activities as an idol he usually wears a cream-colored shirt with pastel blue sleeves that glow in the dark, accompanied by black pants, and gray boots; he really doesn't like this set of clothes because it reminds him of the stress he has to go through at any concert time, and he does not find them comfortable. He wears three silver tendrils in his left ear, just that this time they are in the opposite order of the ones that his partner wear.

His signature color is navy blue.


Ginger was drafted into DJ Octavio's army after turning twelve, he dedicated himself to his work and isolated himself from his family, he had no clear objective other than to serve the octarian known as DJ Octavio. However, after it was the second time that his troops were defeated, Octavio had to take precautions after realizing that the majority of octarians were beginning to live peacefully with the Inklings while the sea level was rising again.

One of his precautions was to divide his troops among four commanders who would be in charge of training the assigned Octarians, and they divided the territory they had under control. Ginger was assigned to the western area, becoming Commander 3, according to Octavio. On the other hand, Daniel grew up in the small town called Inkopolis Coral and his dream was to become a recognized musician, and his first step was to move to Inkopolis Square when he turned sixteen, and he did so, however, he was surprised to be recruited by the New Squidbeak Splatoon, where he was called Agent Five. Despite the fact that his new job as an agent had him quite busy, he wanted to earn a little money working also for Grizzco, so he could buy the piano he has now in his apartment.

Daniel managed to meet a certain commander on one of his missions, was fortunate to gain his trust, and was able to collect a bit of information from DJ Octavio's troops thanks to that individual. However, he did not see him in the weeks before a war for the remaining dry land in Inkopolis started without warning, the New Squidbeak Splatoon took advantage of the chaos in Inkopolis to attack DJ Octavio unexpectedly; although as soon as they reached their supposed location, only one battle broke out between Agent Five and Commander 3, who had betrayed not only Daniel, but the entire New Squidbeak Splatoon.

City Melodies, Kai'Za's first album.

Years after the war that was named The Great Turf War II, Daniel met a hybrid after leaving his job for Grizzco and nicknamed him as Ginger, after some time they ended up being close friends. They both moved to an apartment in Inkopolis City, where Daniel talked a lot about his passion for music and even though Ginger was silent for a long time on that subject, one day he told Daniel that he used to play the violin when he was younger. From that moment, both began to compose melodies together, until the day came when an audition would be held for some bands to have the opportunity to become the idols of Inkopolis City, Daniel when hearing this basically led his friend to the event without even asking him if he wanted to go or not. At the audition, they caught the attention of several cephalopods, including Meleloa, a cuttlefish who offered to be their designer if they became idols, and was also the one who suggested that they should be the idols of the city. Liam, the person in charge of carrying out the paperwork, agreed that they were the right ones to become idols, however, Ginger recognized this octoling as soon as they had an interview with him and he refused to talk about anything that had to do with his personal life in front of him, unlike Daniel, who spoke about the smallest detail, of course, omitting his work as an agent.

After that somewhat awkward interview and two months later, the duo made their first appearance on the city news, and their music captivated multiple octarians and inklings around inkopolis, being those melodies a mix of Hip-hop and Octarian Beats.



Ginger is known for singing the highest and fastest notes of Kai'Za's songs, but on the contrary, his voice is low and he hardly likes to speak. When he gets nervous, he speaks very fast and sometimes raises his tone a little, something that happens rarely.

He likes to wear expensive clothes or something that is designed exclusively for him, usually judges some people by his appearance and even if they insist on talking to him, he will simply ignore them by turning his back on them or walking on other way; He is usually very stubborn about his decisions and likes to be the one who makes the rules. When he is close to fans his personality changes, giving them the best of his smiles and even speaks to them with tenderness; He wouldn't like that his fans started to speak bad of him.

He treats Daniel like a younger brother, always takes care of him and does everything possible so that something bad doesn't happen to him, he is always aware of him and what he says, he talks a lot with him and spends most of his time joking about the weird expressions Daniel makes.

He practices violin since his childhood, something only he and Daniel know. In none of his songs has he dared to play the violin for fear that the public will not like it, yet, there is a rumor that says that Ginger has an online alter ego in which he has a blog where there are several videos of him playing the violin. This rumor began when in one of the videos that the blog had, everyone could see photos of Daniel and Ginger together on a background wall, photos that were never made public; the video was deleted hours later.

It is publicly known that he is a killing machine in turf war, this made some brands try to collaborate with him to make a set of weapons, which he flatly refused with the excuse that he didn't have time for nonsenses like that.


Daniel is an inkling who likes to have a low profile, always wearing black clothes and boots of the same color, maybe some other cap that slightly covers his face. Contrary to what some people think, he is a very calm and shy person, something that few of his fans notice, because he always feels lively and cheerful in the news of Inkopolis, being the one who talks the most between Kai'Za.

He was recognized by artists years before he started his band with Ginger; he composed songs since his childhood and knows how to play the piano very well, he even considered making his own blog about small lessons on how to play the piano, however his nerves consumed him and he never carried out his project.

He likes to talk with fans to know their opinions, he always behaves in a shy way as soon as he starts talking to them but then he starts talking more. In comparison to Ginger, his personality almost never changes, he always stays calm and little altered, he likes to solve problems and help others. He's a clumsy person, he usually forgets most things and stumbles on a stone, he gets easily distracted and forgets his priorities, getting confused almost daily.

He treats Ginger like a friend who he met in his childhood, he almost always tells him about any problem he has and does his best to make him laugh; He spends most of his time with him enough to help him compose songs and then talk about any nonsense. Some time ago, he was involved in a controversy due to a rumor that commented that he had been in a romantic relationship with a singer of a known band, Ginger denied those comments weeks later, however, the fans were more than sure about the existence about that relationship.

Daniel doesn't usually go to play in turf wars normally, however he has confessed in some interview that enjoys ranked battles, because he focuses more on a single objective; It isn't usually very specific in the weapon that he prefers, but Meleloa said once that he likes splatlings a lot.

Story Mode

After thinking for a while, the famous musicians were included in the Story of Agent Six; However, it was not an idea on the part of both boys, because the only one who knew about the New Squidbeak Splatoon was the inkling of blue tentacles, Daniel. After entering the radio signal of the New Squidbeak Splatoon Daniel was recognized by the first two agents, which gave Agent Six confidence; Marie and Callie called him Agent Five.

"Oh, the so famous Agent 5!", the one who had the mission to stop the war that broke out after the chaos of the Splatocalypse; That agent who ended up being friends with one of the most powerful octarians in DJ Octavio's squad, which he referred to as "Commander 89". Thanks to this, a small alliance was formed between that Commander and the other Agents, something that never had to happen; It ended in a betrayal and the beginning of a seemingly endless war.

Agent Five was in charge of guiding six through the scenarios that were presented to them, and when he found the first track of the enemies of this time he was amazed. One of the main commanders within the squad of DJ Octavio, only that he was sanitized; minutes later they found the Kamabo logo, plunging the agents into terror, what would that corporation plan to do after the defeat of a couple of years ago?

Resurrected kamabo.png

The tests for six became increasingly difficult, and each Sunken Scroll carried a letter rarely familiar to Daniel, who could read it perfectly, despite being in an Octarian language. In one way or another, Ginger ended up involved in the mission, the exact reason? Very simple; The Kamabo corporation was working to make an army to start a war, using hybrids and salmonids as warriors. The one with coral tentacles apparently knew enough about the the corporation, and the group of agents took advantage of that, filling up with necessary information.

The New Squidbeak Splatoon was ready to face the last boss, the last piece of the puzzle and the likely end of a disagreement. More it wasn't like that, nothing planned happened as it should have happened; Ginger insisted on attending the meeting, and Agent Five agreed, his abilities would be beneficial in combat. But, upon entering the combat zone, there was nothing, no one; a few seconds later a helicopter caught the attention of the protagonists, which was transporting the current Kamabo commander, Thalia, and her assistant, Dr. Wolt.

Daniel's face was a complete poem after Ginger voluntarily surrendered to the enemy! The New Squidbeak Splatoon was subdued by Thalia's subordinates, preventing any action they could do. The hybrid struggled to say goodbye to his friends, so that he would then be taken to the helicopter and the enemies would withdraw. After a few seconds of silence Daniel's tears and sobs could be heard by the other agents.

The Final Battle

The day had finally come, the New Squidbeak Splatoon had managed to find the position of Thalia and her subordinates, these being on a platform in the middle of the great sea that surrounds Inkopolis City -something reminiscent of the final battle that the Agent Eight had before joining the New Squidbeak Splatoon- and the group of agents had decided to end this battle before something serious happens. They used the Off The Hook helicopter to reach the destination, seeing from far away a group of salmonids on the platform and some more cephalopods; Callie, Marie, Pearl, Marina, Daniel and Agent Six were willing to fight for the good of Inkopolis.

But Daniel was not sure from the beginning, something gave him a bad vibe since they approached the platform, and that feeling was intensified when he saw who was in charge of the Salmonid troops. It was his friend, Ginger; however, his appearance was now different, according to Marina seemed to have been sanitized, and he wore the uniform of that commander who was once a friend of Agent Five.

Waltz of retreat lat version .png

The battle between both sides had been unleashed, Marie and Callie were moving across the platform beating the most of the salmonids, Agent Six fought Thalia while Pearl adjusted her vocal cords; Agent Five was in charge of the Commander, whom he looked wistfully and sadly, while the hybrid showed no expression, his goal now was to end the New Squidbeak Splatoon. The hybrid attacked what was once his partner with skill, managing to hurt the Inkling; The time came when Thalia had been stunned after one of Agent Six's attacks, and it was time for Pearl to attack.

Daniel managed to remove the hypnotizing glasses from the hybrid, which left the rance where he was in and almost fell to the ground had it not been for the body of the Inkling. With tears in his eyes, the hybrid tried to explain what was happening, but it was too late, his body was beginning to fail due to the overdose of injections that were used to sanitize Ginger.

"I find it incredible that I still remember the first moments when we met... I remember being bitter for that time, I apologize for my dishonest attitude..., ugh, I would like to share more time with you, though, it would be something impossible, seeing this situation."

"I know you probably don't want to know my real name, because I betrayed you in a very distant past and you probably resent me... however, you met me that time as Commander 89... and I really appreciated the fact that you spent time with me despite being on the edge of a war." Daniel's body trembled when he heard his friend's words, now everything matched the Sunken Scrolls and the papers in Dr. Wolt and Marina's Laboratory; Ginger was losing the little strength he had left, and despite not wanting to leave his friend's side, at this point it was already inevitable.

"I love you, Agent Five..."


Name Type Musician Vocals Length
Inkopolis City News News Jingle PPolypux. None 1:55
Downtown Colors Splatfest Theme PPolypux. Ginger & Daniel [N/A]
Shark Tides Splatfest Battle Theme PPolypux. Ginger & Daniel [N/A]
Now or Never! Splatfest Battle Theme PPolypux. Ginger & Daniel 1:00
Battle Master Splatfest Win Theme PPolypux. Ginger [N/A]
Salty Disaster Splatfest Lose Theme PPolypux. None [N/A]
#3 Scars ft. Dedf1sh Story Mode OST PPolypux. None 2:46
Chimaera Whales ft. DJ Octavio Final Boss Battle Theme PPolypux. Ginger [N/A]
Daylight Glow Credits Theme PPolypux. Ginger & Daniel 5:08
Sanitized Revolution Solo PPolypux. Daniel [N/A]

Official Art

FanArt and Requested Art


  • Their Chinese names are 钾肥 (Jiǎféi / Ginger) and 雷 (Léi / Daniel)
  • Ginger's Octoling specie is Callistoctopus Macropus.
    • Ginger's real name is Gabriel, however, Daniel doesn't know it.
    • Ginger sometimes calls Daniel "Dan."
  • Meleloa's name derives from the word meleagris, part of the scientific name of the Cannonball Jellyfish.
  • Weeks after what happened in the last battle Daniel broke up with the singer he was dating, and ended up feeling guilty about what happened with Gabriel.
    • Kai'Za's only song that stills public on the platform was the first one that Ginger and Daniel composed together, the others were eliminated. Including the blog where Ginger worked.
  • Ginger's voice is Nekomura Iroha, and Daniel's voice is Fukase.
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