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Kaleidescope is a 5-piece electronic rock band consisting of members Coloro, Prisma, Opal, Flame, and Iridi. Their theme mixes rainbow colors and darker tones together. They're made by Lukatheidiot.



A flamboyant Cuttleling girl. She does the vocals for the band. In public, Flame's a shy and timid person who doesn't like big crowds, but onstage, she takes the personality of a vibrant pop diva. Flame's fans have dubbed her as the "scubadiva" for her flamboyant stage persona. She also has an intense rivalry with the other Inkopolis divas, including the most money-dependant and self-acclaimed of them all, who cruelly made fun of her stage fright at the annual youth singing contest. After that, Flame vowed to push her musical career even further so she could show the prideful diva her true talent with the help of her friends.


A friendly peacock mantis shrimp who plays the drums for the band. Coloro tends to be nice and peaceful towards his bandmates, but he doesn't do well when confronted by anyone about serious matters. He had many hobbies like cooking, sculpting, and painting, but never really got into them as much as composing and music-writing. He's very protective of Flame, often shielding her from crazy fans and paparazzi, albeit he tries to help Flame learn how to handle those things as well. He also likes visiting his family as much as he can, and he's pretty sentimental for a shrimp. He used to be a backup drummer before jamming into the spotlight.


A female rainbow blanket octoling. She plays the synth bass for the band. After successfully escaping the underground with her family and friends, Prisma started a small anonymous music duo with Tsu (now a Lost at Sea member) called Cephalo P, and quickly gained attention from underground music fans. However, she left Tsu after meeting new people like Coloro and Flame, and decided to start afresh by joining their band.

Prisma stays completely silent onstage, but according to Flame, she's very talkative and loud when her fans aren't around. She likes joking around with Iridi and Coloro. She performs best after she's had a cup of coffee, as she has an incredibly hard time staying awake without the bitter drink. She enjoys playing Turf War, but often confuses everyone else with her multicolored appearance, which causes quite a hassle for her. After discovering Tsu's new career, she couldn't help but feel bad, but still wished the best for her childhood friend.


Opal is a Hypselodoris confetti Slugling, and a profreshional guitarist. As the oldest member and founder of the band, she plays a motherly role to all of her younger members. She's known to be quite gentle towards everyone, but when onstage, her inner punk rocker shows up and at special occasions, she would slash her guitar aggressively and smash it onto the ground, causing her fans get even more hyped. Her bandmates, however, doesn't like the idea of stocking more guitars every month. She's the adoptive mother of Iridi, and she often calls him silly nicknames.


A young and aspiring rainbow trout DJ. He was born to a proud family of high-ranking Salmonids, but he wished to become a DJ rather than fight the continuous battle between salmon and cephalopods, which garnered much disappointment from his parents. At the age of 10, he ran away from his family to seek a new life in another city. In the middle of an underpopulated area in Inkopolis, he stumbled across Opal, who took him in and helped him pursue his dreams of becoming a DJ. Because he's only 12, his bandmates don't take him seriously, despite his efforts of showing them that he's mature enough to not be joked around as a child.  









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