"Remember, Not every treasure is silver and gold"

Mollusk Marra is a fanmade idol based on the game Splatoon. These idols are made by agent 7 and friends. Obi is a Chitonling and Rai is a Fishling .



pronounced "O-bee"

Obi is a 25 year old, 5'8" (172.72cm) Chitonling based on a Chiton glaucus  (aka Green Chiton). His hair is patternless and fades to a pinkish orange and has a single cowlick. On top of his head is 8 shell plates known as valves that is patterned with dark muted green stripes.

He has a pale skin color. He has a 2 bottom eyelashs, hir irises are baby blue with a white X shaped pupil. He has only flat teeth.

He wears a orange bandana that is tied onto his head, wears a tea green tailcoat that is patterned with squares and triangles that fades to his ink color, and has a golden brooch that resembles a Chiton. The heels of his shoe is the same color as his ink color.


pronounced "Rhi"

Rai is a 25 year old, 5'10" (177.8 cm) Fishling based on a Blue Spotted Sea Hare. His hair is a dark maroon with sky blue distorted ovals. He has a side cut hairstyle and rhinophores that fade into his ink color. His ears are long and wavy.

His skin is a dark amber color. His irises are a carnelian color with a white pear gem cut shaped pupil. His teeth is jagged but looks smooth.

He wears a navy blue tricorn hat, wears a puffy shirt that is underneath a navy blue cardigan that is patterned with circles that fades to his ink color, and the inside of the tail is the color of his ink as well. The heels of his shoe is also the same ink color.


Obi comes from a village called Shelia. He came to Inkopolis in secret to get away from the village life and meet new people that isn't his own kind. In his whole life, he was taught to never go outside the village borders. But that all changed when he wanted to be more independent and stop going by the rules...that and trying out new food options. The journey of course wasn't easy, he had some ups and downs but he knew when he gets there it'll be worth it for sure.

Rai has a troublesome past, and he doesn't like to talk about it. He was the general of a military squad, he was a fearless leader and was known for his clever thinking and swift movements. Some call him Captain Noxious due to being underestimated very often because of his looks. Something happened on a certain day that got him to see the light and the errors of his ways. He left his home and went off to Inkopolis in hopes to redeem himself for the betterment of his future.

They both met each other at Crystal Beach. Obi was unsure of him since he was a Fishling, Rai on the other hand found him quite interesting. After that day, Obi kept on bumping into Rai accidentally, so instead of avoiding him, Obi decided to interact with him instead of running away this time. After some time of exchanging words, they found out that they have a lot in common. From growing up in a village to leaving their home for a new life. This changed Obi's view of him and started to be more comfortable in his presence. As for Rai, it made him feel something that he haven't felt for a long time.

After some time passed, they both picked up on a popular music genre that's been going on for a while called pop and an old song that was made by the squid sisters. They both got inspired from them to the point where they wanted to try out song making as well. Rai started to learn music theory and the basics since he has no musical experience. When they made their debut of their first song, it took some time for them to get raised to recognition. This was when Mollusk Marra became known to Inkopolis.



Obi is very chaotic and a foodie. He just cannot resist a good meal and always has a poilte attitude towards a lot of people. He apparently can't handle compliments and flirting and will get very flustered and overwhelmed. When he's in a good mood, he will often crack up jokes and random facts. He seems to be very close to Rai in a way.


Rai is very calm and flamboyant. He is always coolheaded and always solve troublesome situations. He loves to flirt a lot, especially to Obi. He just loves the way Obi reacts everytime he flirts with him. He is very close to Obi and is not afraid to show it.


  • Obi mains the slosher
  • Rai mains the inkbrush
  • Obi name comes from the word girdle
    • The name Obi means Heart
  • Rai is a play on word for Rhinophores
    • The name Rai means Trust
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