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Monsoon Lush is a fan made idol duo based on the game Splatoon. They announce the news and host splatfests in Seabed. They are created by Stardust.[1]

Maya is a jellyfolk (most of the time just refered to as jellying or jellyfish) and Coraline is an octoling.



Maya is a 21 year old jellyfolk. She styles her hair in a platted fashion with little tentacles sticking out of her head like cat ears. All of her hair is a light purple

Her eyes are red with star shaped pupils which are a light grey shape. Her skin is a light shade. And her teeth are sharp they could cut through plastic straws.

During splatfests, her cat ears and plat go into different shades of her team.


Coraline is a 19 year old octoling. She has 2 ponytail shaped tentacles going down to her legs similar to the octoling girl bun hairstyle.

Her eyes are green with a white sclera on her right eye with a black sclera on her left (it is the left, I made a mistake while drawing). Her skin is a darker shade then her partner.



Coraline used to be an independent music writer for the DJ himself, sometimes helping him with things like the remix of Bomb Rush Blush for the battle. It wasn't very good though as all Octavio wanted for her was remixes and a particular style. Her laptop was half busted so making this music took twice as long. Sometimes she grew tired of it and decided to stop after a while.

Octavio thought she was useless at this point and ordered his troops to put her to normal octarian work. Keep in mind that she isn't brainwashed, she was doing this in her free will. So at this point, Coraline was mostly keeping an watch for intruders of Tilitus the base she was sent to.

A year later, she decided it was time to escape. She kidnapped an octoling (she would never normally do this but she was desperate) and stole their gear pretending to be a hypnotised one despite her turning the goggles off.

She managed to escape and wandered until she found Seabed.


Being a jellyfolk, Maya originated in Seabed, a town for mostly jellyfolk like her. Though some inklings, octolings and other species lived here as well. They were the lower race of all of them since right now there were only a hundred compared to the millions of inklings and octolings. She was known to spent most of her time drawing doodles of people she would see on the street as she lived on the 8th floor of an apartment building. She didn't have that much of an interesting past but I'd thought I'd touch into it.


Maya was the first to meet Coraline before the latter met the former. Most of the time, jellyfolk would pass down the streets. But now it was Coraline wondering the streets completely not knowing anything about this new place still in the octoling armour she wore to escape.

Confused, Maya went down to ground level and tried to catch a glimpse of this girl at a close level. She slowly followed Coraline until the octoling sat down at a public bench. Maya went to sit down next to her and introduce herself. The non jellyfolk felt awkward talking to a random jellyfolk she met on the street at first but soon adjusted and they became friends as well as Maya letting Coraline stay with her.

A few weeks later, they found out Seabed was looking for people to host the news since Quatic Breeze disappered. Feeling brave, Coraline decided that they would sign up for it against whatever Maya would say. "With our teamwork, I think we could have a chance at this!" they auditioned and became Seabed's new idols.



Maya is most of the time a confident person. She can withstand most situations due to her resilience and determination. She can be engaging too and encouraging helping Coraline with her new life in Seabed. She gets nervous though about her species knowing she is one of 100 jellyfolk with millions of inklings and octolings surrounding her.


Coraline has been a slight introvert the majority of her life. This really shined when she got taken into the octarian region. Her soothing music drags her away from her real life and calms her down. She can also be passionately convincing Maya to help her audition.


  • Maya's name is short for Amaya which means "night rain" in Japan whereas Coraline's is a direct meaning to coral.
  • Maya's hair can sometimes split into diffent number of strands similar to the number a jellyfish has.
  • If Coraline would let her hair loose, it would probably look just like Maya's would when her hair strands multiplied.
  • The words "Monsoon" and "Lush" are both related to the ocean.
  • Maya mains sloshers whereas Coraline mains rollers
  • Maya would main sloshers as she would normally be told all the time "not to lie, not to be rude, not to let it all out". With the bucket, she was able to just tip all her worries away at the people she sometimes despised. Most of the time it was the normal sloshes or Tri Sloshers.
  • Coraline would sometimes watch battles of turf wars online when she was bored and mostly enjoyed people's tactics with rollers. There were so many of them!
  • Despite Coraline writing all the music, Maya doesn't like to sing that much in songs cause of her bad voice. Soon she might take over writing the music so Coraline could just be the vocals.


It took a while before Maya said to Coraline "lets make an album!" they started making songs a lot most of them without singing with Corlaine having sleepless nights just to finish that one song she was falling behind on...then Maya would find that she slept on her computer the next morning, causing a long note repeat then she would have to fix it after carrying Coraline to her bed.

Even though Maya always doodled, they decided to ask Stardust to make the cover for them since it was a big step and all for them to do in time.

It consisted of casual songs and splatfest songs along with their covers of famous songs.

[2]One of the songs is Coraline's cover of Bomb Rush Blush. She likes the idea for voice overs and thinks the normal makers would be happy with it.


Maya and Coraline have and will host splatfests in the past and the future.

Reading vs Writing



Victory for: Writing 2-1

Videos: [3]Announcement [4]Stages [5]Results

Music List

Name Type Vocals
Sea Beats News Song N/A
Joy Song Debut Song Coraline & Maya
Fest Waves Splatfest Song Coraline & Maya
Colour Craze Splatfest Song Coraline & Maya
Leap High Splatfest Song Coraline
Ink It Up 1 minute left song Coraline & Maya
Octo Breeze Coraline's Solo Coraline
Aori Ua Maya's Solo Maya


The idol art was made using GMOD Model Bases. I made my idols then traced them. Everything I used is below:

Enhanced Inklings:

Clothing, Hats, Shoes Maker:



I did originally create them in GMOD hence why I did this.

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