"May the essences of nature be with you!"

Moonsong Garden ("ŧúge dižé goníba" in Inkling) is a new Octoling idol duo, focusing on electronic/world-themed music. They are consisted of two Octolings, Bleu and Luna. They perform in Octopia Frontier (not the same Octopia as Octoprism's), the Octarian city, giving the news and performing their own music in Splatfests. 


Name Description

Bleu is an Octoling who had developed a passionate for the night, where she prefers nighttime over day. At nighttime, Bleu would gaze at the stars and adore the moon. She was interested in being able to make music that was themed after the moon, as she had always dreamed of heading for the galaxy. She developed a passion for making music, and then during her solo career at Octopia Frontier, she later on meets Luna and they both form the Moonsong Garden together, with Bleu representing the "moonsong".

She has blue hair that goes down to her midriff, blue eyes, a beauty mark on her chin. Her clothes are a black dress with a blue moon emblem on her chest, and black heels.

Luna Luna grew up in a rural village far away from Octopia. She, as a child, loved nature and always preferred to spend her day outside. She eventually became interested on the idea of the ambiance of nature being able to convey a song. She, in her adulthood moved to Octopia and eventually created electronic music recorded off the sounds of nature such as the animals, ocean, and wind. She eventually finds Bleu at her performance, meeting them together to form the Moonsong Garden, with Luna representing the "garden".

She has short periwinkle hair that goes no lower than her neck. She has tan skin, brown eyes, a blue flower on her head, and flowered earrings. Her clothes resemble a lavender summer dress with rainbow flowered bracelets, and sapphire flip-flops.


This list is only for concept purposes and may or may not be created into real music. They also join along for the Squid Sisters's Ultimate Calamari Inkantation, which features all other idols in the game singing along.

Song Name Description
Race to the Stars Splatfest Theme
Space Flowers Splatfest Battle
Zeroth Galaxy Bleu's Solo
Walking on Flowers Luna's Solo

Race to the Stars

(Bleu) Run towards the galaxy in sight
Run towards your dreams
(Luna) It will be a new sensation to earn
Whenever it takes

(Both) Its time to race to the stars
Race to fulfill your dreams
We will never ever fail
We'll always reach out to the stars
From the skies to the stars
From the stars to the galaxies!

Zeroth Galaxy

As I soar through the galaxy (Zeroth)
Endless stars and nebulas adore me (Adore)
Towards the edge of time and space (Time and space)

Time to ascend
'cend towards the stars beyond
Where I'll find the answers onward
The galaxy that stretches forever

Lightyears to go before I see the galaxy

Walking on Flowers

The earth below me is brimming with sunshine
I walk down on my feet to the grass below me
I get down on my knees
To look down at the nature's essence

(Chorus) We're walking on flowers
We're brimming with energy
All around me are flowers beyond
In this dream I'm ready to express myself

Walking down to the great lake
Where I look down on my reflection
And think about my whole dream



  • The logo's translation is taken from Inkopolis University's Inkling fan language, which was in development since the beginning of Splatoon 1's release but fell short towards Splatoon 2 for not having a sustainable fanbase. 
  • The name Bleu is French for blue. Taking the name Luna, they form a meaning of "blue moon". 
  • It is rumored that the Moonsong Garden is capable of joining Private Battles sometimes using the term "blmn". This also references Idol Interference, a event where idols have an extremely rare chance of joining battles.  
  • Bleu's clothes are themed after the moon, while Luna's clothes are themed after nature, which follows their idol naming choice, as "moonsong" represents the moon and "garden" represents nature.  
  • Bleu's weapon of choice is the Moon Spraycan, while Luna's weapon of choice is the Flower Bubblestream. Their subweapons of choice are Toxic Mist and the Splash Wall, and their special weapons of choice are Inkstorm and Turf-Glider. They have the DJ Aura equipped which revisualizes their weapons to be music-themed.
    • Both weapons (Spraycan and Bubblestream) can only be obtained via splatting them during an Idol Interference.  
  • Luna's favorite drink is Octea, a parody of Fanta, while Bleu's favorite is Echo Dew, a parody of Mountain Dew.  
  • Their favorite modes are Reversed Turf Wars and Clam Blitz.
  • Their favorite arcade games are Octo Inlay and Squid Challenge. Octo Inlay is a parody of Puzzle Inlay, a desktop game from GameHouse, and Squid Challenge is based on Chip's Challenge.
  • The idol duo is inspired by the music of the French musician Deep Forest, with a focus of electronic and nature/world music.  
  • When they bring out information for Splatfests, they use what is called Fruity, a computer that is based on an old G3 iMac.  


Official Art/Prototypes

Fan Art

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