NO.VIII, or Number 8, is a fanmade idol duo based on the game Splatoon and was created by sabani

The duo consists of the octolings Morgan and Kai. They create experimental rock music and will occasionally host the news.



Morgan is a 21 year old, 174cm (5'7") Octoling with olive skin and cream hair, parted slightly to the side. His tentacles are split in half at the ends and two fall slightly below his chin. He has another, larger tentacle at the back of his head, which is usually tied by a black string into a half-pulled through ponytail bun.

He has slightly droopy, mellow-looking eyes that fade from pale orange, to yellow to green, with a brown upside-down triangle-shaped pupil.

Morgan's attire changes quite often, though he tends to wear warm colours, such as yellow and orange.

During Splatfests and Turf war battles, the tips of his hair changes colour to match his side. His default ink colour is a forest green.


Kai is a 19 year old, 166cm (5'4") Octoling with pale skin and dark navy hair. Two tentacles hang by his face, with one of them hanging between his eyes. Two other tentacles are swept behind his ears and hang around chin-length. They slightly curl outwards at the ends.

He has sharp eyes with long eyelashes that fade from violet to a pale blue, with a dark purple, triangle-shaped pupil.

Kai's attire changes quite often, though he's usually seen wearing cool colours such as blue and purple. 

During Splatfests and Turf war battles, the tips of his hair changes colour to match his side. His default ink colour is lavender.



Morgan is a mellow, laid-back person, who always seems to have a permanant smile on his face. He enjoys teasing others, especially his partner, Kai. He usually has a relaxed and easy-going demeanor and acts charismatic with fans. Towards Kai, he acts especially clingy and sweet. Unknown to many though, he's good at controlling and at times repressing his emotions and feelings, and can be surprisingly serious at times.

Morgan is the lyricist of the duo, writing the words to their music. In his free time, he enjoys battling in Turf Wars, and, surprisingly, gardening. He also runs a blog on street fashion.


Compared to Morgan, Kai is far more introverted and less adept at communicating with other people. To the public, he's a cool, stoic and aloof person, when in reality, he becomes flustered and blushes very easily and is simply bad at expressing his emotions. He's also surprisingly naive and gullible, unlike Morgan. 

Kai composes all of their songs and tends to spend many days in his room in order to perfect their music. In his free time, he enjoys battling in Turf Wars and runs an online blog on music theory.


NO.VIII's logo (might change this later idk)


Morgan and Kai have known each other since childhood, as they grew up as neighbors in the same town.





  • Morgan's name can mean "sea chief" or "dweller of the sea".
  • Kai's name means ocean in Japanese.
  • Kai seems to be somewhat self-conscious about his height, usually wearing some sort of high-heels in public. However, he is unable to walk in any heels over 6cm.
  • Morgan mains rollers, while Kai mains mid- to long range shooters.
    • Morgan's favourite is the Gold Dynamo Roller, as he likes how heavy-hitting it is.
    • Kai on the other hand, mains the Kensa .52 Gal simply because he likes how it looks, describing it as "cute".


Official Art

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