Nebula is created by agent 7 and friends and is also a fanmade humanoid species made by the same creator


Nebula is a 24 year-old, 5'9" (179.832cm) Fishling based on the Aplysia Fasciata (aka sooty sea hare). Their hair is purple fading into yellow with the usual dark purple distorted ovals. Their hair closely resembles to the Inkling "hipster" hairstyle.

Their skin is a pale yellow. Like other Fishlings their mask is the same like the rest. Their irises are a bright gleaming yellow with a pale yellow colored pupil that is the shape of a +.

They wears earrings and has a galaxy look to them. Their coat is splashed with color and white stars on the bottom of it, it seems to look ripped up. There is a strip of a blue translucent fabric that connects to the other side of them. Their pants fade from white to blue to dark purple with gray lines crossing over it. Their shoes is white and has faded colored splashes of ink on it, the white then fades from purple to blue that is marked with faded white dots on top of it.


Nebula is a shy individual who only feels confidant when they record their music. They seem to only talk in a 20 word limit when with coworkers, when they are with others they know however, they are very talkative and social.


Apparently they broke the oath of never showing fear and was casted out in shame. They eventually left their home and started a new life in the Inkopolis world. Ever since they were cast out, they've been stocking up anxiety and don't have enough courage to talk to others. Singing was the only comfort they had that made them more confident, that and a certain green fishling who encouraged them through written words. They then got acknowledged of their talent and was offered a start of a singing career, they were hesitant but their friend thought it was a good idea so, they agreed. They don't regret their decision of course, they just think of this as their new beginning.


  • They seem very close to a certain individual
  • The name Nebula is based on a cloud full of stars called a Nebula
  • They seem to always have a constant worried face, this may mean that they are constantly worried about something
  • Nebula seems to be an elite
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