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Keep the current flowing!

Meet NeoFlow, Chroma's newest music sensation. Refusing to defined by genre, but still maintaining a constant style, these electric cephalorockers are ready to light up your world!

NeoFlow is a fanmade idol group in the Splatoon Universe created by Anik.

They host a news show and splatfests in Chroma City, a bustling metropolis a little ways off from Inkopolis.

Volta Riah


Volta is a 22 year old octoling. She has milky white tentacles that curl to her shoulders in the front, and to her waist in the back. Her tentacles fade to her signature color, red, and this color is also shown in the tips of her fingers. Her skin is medium brown, and she has green eyes with the "octoling pupil" in the center. However, the edges of her pupil seem to be a bit less rounded than most octolings. Her symbol is a kite (the geometric shape) , and it can seen in various places in her outfit. She wears several hairpins in this shape. She has a birthmark on her right cheek.


Volta tends to be snarky and grandiose onstage. Although this is mostly a stage personality, parts of it can be seen in her everyday life. She tries to be kind to everyone, but sometimes fails. She loves drama and conflict, and although she knows this is a bad thing, she craves it, and dislikes when the world is at peace. She believes information should be open to everyone, and what they do with that information is up to them. She tends to be very critical of things, and often overlooks their merits. She has a tendency to believe she is better than others, even though she knows this isn't true.

Even though she knows they aren't real anymore, she likes conspiracy theories and talking about them. Prior to becoming a musician, she spread these theories on the internet, somewhat believing in them, but mostly to spread drama.

Volta is responsible for Rei gaining confidence in their music making skills.

She likes statistics (as in math) and music theory, and tends to mention them on the news from time to time. Oh, and ancient aliens and all that.

She also likes to wear other people's clothes.


Volta's parents were scientists in the Octarian army and eventually fled to Inkopolis about 30 years prior to the events of Splatoon 2. Volta spent her early years in Inkopolis, and moved to Chroma within her teens after her parents accepted a job at Chroma University. Her parents had a very hands-off style of raising her, and encouraged her interests as a result of growing up in Octarian society. As a child, she was interested in music, which led to her pursuing a music career post high school. She started her solo career, but never got picked up by a producer, and could only self-publish her music. Even after a few years of trying to reach fame, she only had a tiny following on online platforms. After a creative slump, she scoured the internet for other independent artists, and discovered Rei's old music, which she had a distaste for at first. This eventually led to NeoFlow being formed.



Rei is a 21 year old inkling. They have medium olive skin, and inky grey tentacles that are in a hairstyle that resembles a half-shaven cut, even though all 6 of their tentacles are still attached to their head. The bottom of their tentacles are cut sharply. Their hair fades from dark grey into neon yellow.

They have several tentacle piercings, in which they have "earrings" (what are they called when they're in a tentacle?) in the shape of their symbol, a triangle. Their eyes have the "squid" pupil. They have a birthmark on their left cheek, but it is often covered by their bangs.

For their idol outfit, they wear (information withheld until official art is posted)

Their signature color is fluorescent yellow.


Rei is much more reserved than their counterpart, tending to appear incredibly focused and calm. They are usually shy and quiet, but get incredibly excited when discussing the things that they are passionate about. They tend to follow rules, but they're smart enough to know when to break them if needed. They also have a hard time discerning between jokes and seriousness, which leads to some awkwardness. They tend to be very modest. They have a strong belief that information should be shared, a trait they share with Volta, but they know some information could be damaging if it gets out.

Rei often keeps Volta in check, preventing her from being unnecessarily rude and/or critical of others.

They are very interested in science, specifically chemistry and electricity.

They either have to sit perfectly still or stand up or they get uncomfortable. There is no in between.

They don't actually care about money that much, but would very much like not being in debt.


Rei was born and raised in Chroma. They were interested in music when they were younger, and posted it online, along with other creative work, but eventually gave it up in favor of a career in science. They had a decent sized following, but nothing large enough to gain much attention. After high school, they were accepted into Chroma University.

Rei was a student under Volta's parents during their university years, studying variations of cephaling ink, as well as minoring in physics, with a focus on electricity. After a lab accident (or sabotage?) that led to damage to lab equipment that couldn't be paid for, they dropped out of college. Their parents, who strongly looked down on those who didn't pursue an education, prohibited them from returning home until they graduated college. They were struggling financially, and Volta's parents allowed them to stay with them until they could get back on their feet. They met Volta, and started NeoFlow after she encouraged them to pick up music again.


When Volta initially found Rei's old music, she thought it was conceptually good, but she could do better. To get back into the swing of creating music, she decided to improve upon Rei's original work. At this point neither of them knew the other's internet identity. While Rei was staying at Volta's family's house, they noticed someone was taking an interest in their work, and began to collaborate with them.

At the same time, Volta and Rei didn't get along very well in person. They got along in front of Volta's parents, but their distaste for each other led to a rivalry based on essentially nothing.

They eventually realized they were living in the same house, and got past their differences. They started making music together, but were reluctant to post it online. Rei didn't have much confidence in themselves at this point, and was embarrassed to share their work. Volta helped them build up their self-esteem to the point where Rei was somewhat assured that they would not be a failure. They posted their music online, and started to gain some traction. They decided to collaborate together under the name NeoFlow, and accepted an offer to host Chroma's news. Both of them did have a passion for music, but would have not accepted the role had it not put them in a position where they would be able to share information.

Their rivalry still stands, but it's more of a friendly one. Their music relies on being able to see the others' flaws, in their music or otherwise. Their rivalry feeds into this, making them unafraid to hurt the other with their criticism.

A few months after NeoFlow accepted the position of news hosts, strange incidents started occurring in Chroma. There was obvious sabotage of research, as well as a rise in kidnapping and certain areas becoming increasingly dangerous. Volta's parents' work had gotten caught up in the sabotage, and requested the help of an inkling to assist in preventing further interference. Volta and Rei eventually got involved.

Chroma City

Chroma Complex

This new hotspot for turf wars is just sparking with energy! This large city centre houses a large needle-like tower and many fresh shops and restaurants. NeoFlow's studio is also located here.

Chroma University (Campus A)

A semi-prestigious university known for it's science education. It is located in downtown Chroma, near Chroma Complex. Other campuses are located in nearby locations.

Battery Backalleys

A shady area not far from Chroma's downtown. There seems to be a prominent stench of venom and organized crime here. Sensible sea creatures do not travel here.

Official Art


Inkidols 100 page contest entry. NeoFlow visits the Museum of Pop Culture and the Space Needle.


Rei and Volta... but younger.


Young NeoFlow gets stressed.

Fan/Requested Art


Reif and Reif

By SunnyGoLucky, creator of Deep Dive and Tide Pool. This is Reif (Tide Pool), with Rei, when their name was Reif as well.

Title Type Description Other information
Shine Wave Demo track A more calming version of NeoFlow's splatfest theme. Hah. Sine Wave. This theme was scrapped originally as Rei thought it didn't fit NeoFlow's aesthetic.
[Title Unknown] Splatfest theme The actual splatfest theme. This song was redone a ridiculous amount of times because it had to be... just right. The sound is more impressive when you see NeoFlow perform, for some reason.
Asquidic Solo Rei's solo. The title comes from "Acidic" and well... I think you can figure this one out.
Octoplasma Solo Volta's solo The title comes from "Ectoplasm", "Octo", and "Plasma". I think Volta secretly wishes a bunch of conspiracy theories were real.
Ink Impulse Battle Theme A high-energy track. Hah. A physics thing. Bet you didn't expect that here?
Now or Never! (Cover) One minute remaining Exactly what it says on the cover. While practicing this song, Rei tripped on a wire and yelled. Volta thought it sounded good, so they implemented them into the song.
Cephalectric "Final Battle" theme, battle theme The song that plays during the final "battle". It contains samples from both Volta and Rei's solos, as well as a bit of Ink Impulse.
NeoFlow 2

From an art trade with Lex Novastar, creator of Parallax.


  • Volta has a plasma motif, while Rei has an acid motif.
  • Their outfits incorporate holographic fabric and LED's.
  • Their catchphrase, "Keep the current flowing!" refers to both ocean and electrical currents.
  • Their names come from Ohm's law and the equations derived from it: I=V/R, with V being voltage, I being current, and R being resistance.
    • Volta's name comes from voltage.
    • Rei's name comes from resistance.
    • NeoFlow's catchphrase, "Keep the current flowing!" represents the I in this equation.
  • Rei mains blasters, while Volta mains sloshers.
  • They were based on the concept of a cyberpunk dictator and scientist second-in-command. This concept evolved into the NeoFlow you know and hopefully don't hate.
  • One of Volta's parents is a biochemist, the other is a physicist and engineer. They teach these subjects at Chroma university.
  • If they were in the Homestuck universe, Volta would be a Prospit Sylph of Heart, and Rei would be a Derse Mage or Seer of Light.
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