Neonlicious is an idol duo created by Tivani.


Tyana is a 18-year old Dumbo octopus. She was born in Octo Canyon. Her favorite color is Neon green. She moved to Inkopolis Bay when she was 12. On January 21st 2000, while she was watering her family‘s wasabi garden, a little girl named Cora was wandering around the neighborhood, because she had just moved in as well. Cora and Tyana became best friends.


Cora is an 18-year old Giant Squid. She was born on mount Nantai. Her mother was about to give birth to her, but before that happened she saw a little cabin on top of Mount Nantai, and she decided to stay there until it was safe. Cora’s favorite color is neon pink. When she met Tyana, she had loads of fun plans to do with her. But the thing that she mostly wanted to do was make a band with Tyana. When Tyana figured out that they were going to make a band, she was super excited about it and she already had a perfect band name, which was “Neonlicious”. And so, they went to participate in the Inkopolis Bay Annual Talent Show, and they took away the first place trophy. Afterwards, they continued to grow and succeed in talent shows and competitions all over Inkopolis.

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