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Neptunian Roses is a fan duo consisting of two inklings named Jenny and Freya.They are not a well-known group in Splatoon 4, compared to Sea Claws.Despite this, they are actively touring.



Jenny sketch

Jenny is a 17 years old inkling of the species Rossia macrosoma.Her height is 180 cm.She has 6 dark-gray tentacles, each of which has orange tips.The two upper tentacles look like ears and are thicker than the other four.The bang consists of two separated pieces that are not tentacles.Jenny's ears are longer and sharper than the average inkling.Her eyes are large and do not have a constant color, but are more often depicted as brown-green.

Jenny can be seen more often in an orange tunic with long sleeves, on which there is a scarlet neckline.Jenny has white shorts with a transparent orange skirt and black stockings on her legs.The shoe is a pair of red shoes with scarlet roses in the middle.On the sides they are decorated with pieces of transparent orange fabric.A large scarlet rose adorns Jenny's head.


Freya scetch

Freya sketch

Freya is a 15 years old inkling of the species Sepiola atlantica.Her height is 150 cm.She has 4 light-gray tentacles, each of which has lilac-pink tips.The front tentacles are shorter than the rest, on there is hair bands.The back tentacles are wavy and long, on the right side are collected in a high pony tail.Freya's bang are asymmetrical and cut in the middle.Her ears have an unusual shape, they are short and almost not sharp.Freya has heterochromia, her right eye is blue and her left is blue-green.Both eyes have pupils in the shape of an inverted triangle.Freya’s entire face and shoulders are covered in many freckles.

Freya can be seen more often in an purple tunic with long sleeves, but she often rolls them.The tunic has a pink triangle neckline.Freya wear a white mini skirt with transparent purple edges and black stockings on her legs.Stockings for greater stability are fixed with tapes on the belt..The shoe is a pair of pink shoes with magenta roses in the middle.On the sides they are decorated with pieces of transparent lilac fabric.A wreath of purple roses adorns Freya's head.



Jenny did not like to talk.She loved roses and often asked to give them to her.Once she heard a whisper, she liked it.So that no one would hear her, Jenny began to talk in a whisper.Soon she really liked to sing when she was forced to do music.Jenny became keen on singing and create roses from ribbons.


Freya has been quiet since childhood.She never loved to be part of society.Freya studied at home, thereby was even more divorced from the world.Freya spent all her time in the garden of her parents, where she grew roses, which were her favorite flowers.She did not have friends, the only ones who were with her were roses, since her parents often had too much work.Freya weaved wreaths for herself, and always went with flowers on her head.In Freya's adolescence, her parents sent her to a music school in an attempt to make her more open.Freya was not opposed and quickly began to show good results.



Jenny is weird and restless.Since childhood, she loved to gossip and speak in a whisper, so she loves a whisper more than an ordinary voice. In society, Jenny is normal and usually not talkative.Sometimes she’s funny.


Freya is very shy and timid. She seems to be afraid of large crowds and treats everything with special care. Freya loves a calm rest, like growing flowers in her garden.Despite her shyness, Freya speaks confidently, even though her voice is thin and soft.Her fragile appearance does not stop her from being quite satirical and sarcastically joking.Freya tries to avoid the fans, but she really loves and respects each of them.


  • They are based on a mollusk called a spanish dancer, which looks like a rose because of what, it is sometimes called a sea rose.
  • "Freya" in the splatoon world is based from "Fresh".
  • "Jenny" in the splatoon world is based from "Jelly" or "Jellyfish"
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