NurseOctoInkS is an idol/nurse combo duo consisting of Col and Ria.


Col is an octoling with rainbow-hued hair and light blue eyes. She has an outfit that consists of multiple layers of pastel fabric. She wears dark blue roller skates with magenta wheels.

Her signature color is the rainbow, but grayish gold is her default ink color.


Ria is an inkling with purple colored hair and pastel pink eyes. Like her friend and fellow popstar, she has a multi-colored dress with a brighter palette compared to Col's outfit. She wears dark purple roller skates with turquoise green wheels.

Her signature color is purple.


  1. col’s real ink color (grayish gold)
    Col Color2020

    Nurseoctoinks from 2019

Col default color

Col’s default color 2019 version

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