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O and Mina are idols, and they are the only characters who know how to speak Octarian, Turlinian(?) AND Inkling. City Sea and Color Catastrophe hired them to translate their music for the other, in hopes of overcoming them. O and Mina's band name is called "Marine Prismology". In Splatoon, O and Mina host the news of Inkopolis City, the capital of the capital. Inkopolis City never rests, so O does the news every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and Mina does the news every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Being the outcasts that they are, O and Mina knew they had to try disguise themselves as "normal Inklings". You'll usually see O with Sharkie (Sharpie) marks on her cheeks to cover her scales, and Mina will be wearing some concealer on her eye mark(?) to cover her abnormal eye pattern.



O was an undercover Octoling until her 18th birthday. She decided to go to the famed Inkopolis to find a new job. When she attended a school back in her hometown, O taught herself Turlinian and Inkling. She decided to be a song translator for people who want to learn the language(s). She stayed in the job for a year before eventually quitting to join her friend in music production.


O's appearance is a bit complicated. She has medium length, thick tentacles with suction cups inside and out. Her tentacle color is teal with no fade, with a scrunchy that has the logo on it. Her face has green, teal and green-teal scales, round, prism-style teal and violet eyes, small, round eyebrows, a diamond shaped nose and a smile (I guess.) Her outfit consists of a violet jacket with a prism T-shirt under it and a star on it. She also wears teal shorts, purple ribbons on her knees and purple pumps.

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