"Let the sea make you free!”

Ocean Eyes are a fanmade duo made by Nuzelight. The duo consists of Meri, a banded ref snake, and Abyss, a crystal jelly. Both of them host the news and splatfests in Asherah Anchor, a colorful and bright city. Their music style is a mix of reggaeton and lo-fi.

About the Duo/Their Backstories


Meri is 6’2” and is the youngest of the duo, as he is 22 years old. He was originally apart of a band called Current Majesty where he was one of the three vocalists for the band with the other two being his friend Sidon and his best friend Maidi. Meri and Abyss were originally apart of a group that was called Ocean Eyes, the same name as their duo name, when they were little with their old school friends before Meri moved away and became semi-famous. He would become popular lo-fi music artist and cover artist under the name of Camarón before deactivating the account when he became famous on SplatTube and going into meet his former bandmates Maidi, Sidon, and Poisse. He had gone into hiding after the band had split up as interviewers would often try to find him and ask his opinions on his former bandmates and how he feels about the band splitting up and everyone going to their own paths. He met Abyss later on while Meri was at a not known café wherr they were hosting a karaoke session. He had recognized Abyss’ named when they called him and talked to him after the karaoke session. It took them a while to connect since their personalities were different, but after sharing their interests, such as music, they slowly reconnected and made their own music together. They became popular due to their due to their contrasting music styles and went on to host the splatfests and news in Asherah Anchor. 


Abyss is 5’2” and is the oldest of the duo, as he is 23 years old. He is a crystal jelly. He and Meri were originally apart of a band called Ocean Eyes, the same name as their duo name, when they were little. He stayed with the remaining three members before they disbanded when Abyss was 17. Before he joined Meri in their duo, he worked in the café in Inkopolis Square and was a part-time DJ. He had little interest in music after the band that was Ocean Eyes when they were little separated, but a music style that mostly appealed to him was reggaeton. He would make music pieces, but he’d never publish them due to how he had little experience with creating music. He would go to other artists for help and he only stopped once he felt satisfied with the advice idols gave him. He created his first published song titled ‘Our Flow’, but it didn’t get as popular as he intended it to be, leaving his solo career stale. He made another song titled ‘Another Night’ which got a few more views than his first song piece. He was talked about by people in his hometown, New Shores, and eventually he moved away to a bright city called Asherah Anchor. He worked in an underground area and work as a part-time DJ there but he didn’t show his face. He covered it with various sunglasses and always made sure that the area lights were very dim with the only light being his bioluminescence. He then went to work at a café when he wasn’t at the underground area which made him live a double life. He was filled with stress as he managed his fame while he was a DJ and his life when he wasn’t a DJ. The café he worked at held a karaoke session one time, and Abyss felt like he didn’t want to live his double life anymore. He signed up, and he sang one of his songs. People in the café recognized his voice, and one of the people was Meri. Meri started talking to him after his performance was over and the two talked, but didn’t fully recconect due to their contrasting personalities. They shared their interests and some of them they had in common, mainly music. They then began making music together and become popular since they had contrasting music styles. They then went on to host splatfests and the news in Asherah Anchor since they were mainly popular there.


  • Abyss was originally a black dragonfish and kept swapping back and forth between a crystal jelly and black dragonfish.
  • Meri was apart of Current Majesty, a disbanded band.
  • Abyss is a crystal jelly, making him able to produce light as crystal jellies are bioluminescent.
  • Meri is 6’2” because of how long male banded reef kraits can be.
  • Both of them have each others signature colors. Meri has Abyss’ blue and Abyss has Meri’s red.
  • Their signature headwear are sunglasses for Abyss and two bows for Meri.
  • Meri’s clothing has a girly aesthetic to it.
  • Their original catchphrase was “If the sea can calm down, you can to.” before being changed to “Stay with the motion of the ocean!” and then being finally changed to “Let the sea make you free!”
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