"Till our fates align, let your colors shine!"

Octoprism is a fanmade idol duo based on the game Splatoon. The idols were created and voiced by Caitlin Koi. They host the news and announce Splatfests in Octopia Courtyard.

Bo and Raina are both Octolings.



Bo is a 20 year old, 5'0" (1.5m) Octoling based on a Dumbo octopus. Her hair is black with turquoise tinted tips and rings. She has two prominent tentacles framing her face, with four smaller nubs above the nape of her neck. Her forehead is covered with "bangs" split only by two notches. A pink headband is held in place behind two suction cups. Separating her from many octolings are two fin appendages on either side of her head coming from her Dumbo octopus ancestry.

Her skin is a light cream color, cheeks covered in pink and blue glitter that hide a dusting of freckles. She has wide eyes with pink-tinted rounded eyelashes, her irises the same bright pink with striking, horizontal turquoise pupils. Her top row of teeth has the beak-like central fang, and two fangs on the bottom row.

During a Splatfest, the turquoise in her hair becomes the colour of her side. Her default ink colour is turquoise.


Pronounced "RAY-nuh"

Raina is a 25 year old, 5'7" (1.7m) Octoling based on the rare Rainbow Blanket Octopus. Her hair is a pastel combination of pink, purple, blue and lime green. A long veil hangs behind her, two wavy tentacles flowing down past her ears. Alike to Bo's fins, Raina has two longer tentacles with two suction cups each indicative of her rare ancestry. She has similar "bangs" to Bo.

Her skin is a medium brown with a purple undertone, a green and blue star painted on her right cheek. She has heavily hooded eyes with dark maroon eyelids. Her irises are a deep blue with flower-shaped four cornered pink pupils. Her top row of teeth have two fangs, with the beak-life center fang on the bottom row.

During a Splatfest, her hair becomes various shades of the colour of her side. Her default ink colour is purple.


Name Type Musician Vocals Listen Length
Octopia News News Jingle Sampling Kid None YouTube 1:54
Synthronize Plaza Theme Sampling Kid Koi ft. Bear YouTube 2:18
A Touch of Color Raina's Solo Sampling Kid Koi Youtube 1:48
Digitize Bo's Solo Sampling Kid Koi Youtube 2:03
Rainbow Rumble Battle Theme Sampling Kid Koi YouTube 1:23



Raina was born in a small tropical village, where Octarian interference had long since passed. She was a child prodigy, put in dancing and singing classes at a very young age. Noticing her talents, her parents were determined to get her into the spotlight. Both to help her grow as a performer, but also in hopes that her fame would help them out of their meager lifestyle. She spent much of her life on camera, being recorded in local talent shows, and eventually televised to larger audiences.

At age 24, the octoling paradise Octopia was looking for new idols to host their sports and Splatfests. Raina was a top candidate, but she refused to go without her friend Bo. They had been collaborating on music for several years at this point. While Bo didn't have formal training as a singer, Raina was inadequate when it came to making music herself. Raina stated to the recruiters that while she could provide the singing and dancing, it was nothing without the music Bo created.



When Bo was a child, she was extroverted and optimistic to a fault. She was raised downtown in a bustling metropolis, but as she grew older—and learned not everyone would be so kind—she developed a fear of crowds. Even the everyday foot traffic and white noise from pedestrians outside her window was unnerving. Bo began secluding herself in her home, finding a passion for music through her computer. Synthesizers were her instrument of choice, after getting a start with a free chiptunes software. Her biggest inspirations are Chirpy Chips/ABXY and Dedf1sh, who's posters are hung on her wall.

Digitize Album

She still maintains a very bubbly, passionate personality despite her distress when faced with crowds. This anxiety is the reason Octoprism has yet to perform live for an audience, preferring to stay with the video route and connect with Octopia through digital means. While in front of a camera, she's still not entirely sure what to do. Raina has told her to just "be yourself, but flashier" resulting in her rather awkward standard pose she assumes while on Octopia News.

Bo is most calm and composed sitting in her bedroom composing music. At a younger age all she had was her laptop and the chiptune software, but since joining Octoprism she's had the budget for professional equipment.


Having been performing her entire life, Raina exudes confidence. She remained outwardly humble, but secretly relished in the attention. She spoke to people with a calm and kind demeanor, but felt nothing more than indifference to most. She didn't much care for people, but instead the praise they lavished her with.

Raina solo4

While searching her name on the Octonet in vain attempts to find more validation, she found a message board where someone had created a remix of one of the songs she had sung on a more popular talent show. Impressed by the level of skill, she delved more into this person's profile and found it was Bo. After contacting her and messaging back and forth, they formed a friendship.

It wasn't until meeting Bo that she felt a true connection with another person. She eventually became very protective of Bo with a feeling of duty to help her overcome her anxieties. However, she still ribs on Bo and teases her frequently.


Bo's Side Raina's Side Art (by @GSunFoxes) Winner Dates
Chocolate Nutella
Chocolate vs nutella
Nutella 2-1 Aug 11-14 2019
Coffee Tea
Spear CoffeeVsTeaArt-0
Coffee 2-1 March 17-19


Moonlight Sunlight      
MoonlightVsSunlight spear
Moon 2-1 April 10-12 2020
Neon Pastel              
NeonVsPastel Spear

By @GSunFoxes

Neon 2-1 June 12-14 2020
Bee Butterfly
Bees vs butterflies

Official Art

Fan Art


  • Their names "Raina" and "Bo" is a portmanteau for "rainbow," alluding to their designs.
    • This ties into their duo name "Octoprism," as shining light through a prism produces a rainbow.
    • Their Japanese names are "モンジ" and "虹" (Monji / Niji), taken straight from their species' Japanese names (Juumonjidako / Nijiirotako) (Contribution by Meringuepie)
    • Their Chinese names are "波" and "虹" (Bō / Hóng). The character "波" means "wave," "虹" means "rainbow" (Contribution by @Oatmeal_captain)
  • Both Dumbo and Rainbow Blanket octopodes are deep sea cephalopods.
  • Bo secretly loves Vocaloids.
  • Blanket octopodes are known to detach their cape as a distraction when escaping from enemies. If Raina gets too scared, the back of her hair might sometimes fall off, though it regrows in a matter of days.
  • The only known sighting of the rainbow blanket octopus was found in the Philippines, inspiring Raina's tropical home.
  • Raina has been known to swear without thinking.
  • Bo mains Brushes, while Raina mains Splatlings.
    • Bo doesn't like getting up close to people, but she has bad aim and Splatlings are too heavy for her. Bo most often mains the Octobrush Nouveau, since Octobrushes have the most range, it uses Tenta Missiles, and beacons, all very distant tools.
    • Raina uses Splatlings not because she is shy, but because as a child she would often deal with crowds and interviewers swamping her. She always wished she could just pull out a Splatling and mow them down. Her main is the Hydra.
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