"Stay hot as fire, cool as ice!"

Ourita is a duet of two idols, who have taken up residence in New Inkopolis. The two octolings' creator; DefinatelyNotJevil on Scratch, makes drawings of the two. This is where you can find the duo:

Their history.


When Charlie was young, she was an elite octoling. One day when she was alone, she hijacked a radio she stole, and heard a bit of Calamari Inkantation. She soon broke free from Octo Canyon, and made her way to Inkopolis, losing her battle skills along the way. 

When she made it to the surface, an unnamed inkling spotted her, and brought her to his home, helping her recover, and teaching her Inklish. 

Subsequently, Charlie met Cyra in a turf war battle, and they made fast friends after Cyra apologized for winning at the top of their team.


Cyra grew up underground, sanitized in the deepsea metro. She was docile since the very beginning, but quite skilled once she was sanitized. When she heard the broadcast of Dedf1sh's remix of the heavenly melody, She knew she had to break free.

Once Cyra made it to the surface, she was all alone. She didn't know many people in the deepsea, and now that she's not there, she doesn't know anyone. So she decided to do Turf Wars. She leveled up quickly, and easily covered the most turf. 

Cyra and Charlie met in a match where their team won, but Cyra kept apologizing for getting the most points in the team, but the two found out they fit together like the joycons on a switch.



Charlie is a bold, brash, and exitable octoling who could easily overpower Cyra, if it weren't for Charlie's lesser skills in instruments and battle.


Cyra is much sweeter and more docile, but quite dangerous when messed with. She hardly gets salty, but when she is? It's all over.



Charlie is a 17 year old octoling of the Thaumoctopus mimicus' species, at 5'4 ft, with deep red tentacles in the classic octoling style, but the ends aren't curved in the back. At the tips of her hair there are light pink-orange chunks, with stripes leading up instead of the spots on inklings and rings on inkling based octolings. 

She's often seen in simple outfits when not on stage, based only on the fact of "can I run in it?" and not off of looks. Her on-stage outfit consists of a dark grey-blue turtleneck, desaturated red-pink shorts with a small two pointed flame symbol that is consistent in her outfit, pantone 16-1548 leggings, black sneakers with that same peachy shade on the soles, and string earrings with the same two pointed flame as on her shorts on both ears.

Her signature color is peach.


Cyra is a 15 year old octoling of the Amphioctopus marginatus species, at 5'11, with pale, almost white blue tentacles in a longer version of the inktailed octoling girl hairstyle that fades to sky blue. Surprisingly, she has no spots on her tentacles. Her fangs curve slightly inward and are serrated on closer inspection.

When not on stage, she can be sighted in well made, high quality clothes, made for both fashion and function. Her on-stage outfit consists of a light, desaturated red long sleeved shirt with darker sleeves, a desaturated blue, mid length skirt with a 7 pronged snowflake, pantone 299 c leggings, white boots with sky blue soles and laces, and string earrings with the same 7 pronged snowflake on her skirt.

Her signature color is sky blue.


Charlie probably watches some form of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, as she references it in her quote for Team Cherries.

Cyra is based off of ice, Charlie is based off of fire.

Charlie is afraid of salmonids.

Cyra loves birds.

Official Art

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