Painted Path is a non-idol fan Splatoon duet.



Yuzi is a 21 year old sanitized octoling. Like all the other sanitized octolings, she has blue and light green tentacles, black and turquoise eyes and light green skin. She wears a white shirt with a grey sweater on it, a black skirt, dark tights and black shoes. Her voice is distorted and really high for her age.


Yuzi doesn't usually show so much emotion. She's quiet and calm. She puts a lot of effort into her work.


Yuzi was a "testing object" in Deepsea Metro, just like all the sanitized octarians. When she was 16 years old, the system of the metro crashed awhile, so she could escape. After the defeat of TarTar she started to live in Inkopolis. The Inkopolis citizens were treating her as a nice octoling with weird eye and skin color.

Role in the band

Yuzi plays the violin and does the vocals if needed. Even though her voice is distorted, she can sing very well.



Kamuru is a 23 year old inkling with a pretty low voice. She has grey shiny hair. Her skin color is white, and her eye color is red. She wears a dark grey shirt with a white bow, grey pants and black boots.


Kamuru is an optimistic person. She inspires her bandmate to to her best. She's not such an extravert, but she sure does have some charm.


Kamuru started studying at a music academy at the age of 7. She graduated it successfully when she were 16. She's is badly experienced in bands, because she sadly couldn't team up with other musicians she've ever met. After this, she decided to improve her teamwork skills.

Role in the band

Kamuru plays the synth and also does the vocals sometimes.

The band's formation

Yuzi and Kamuru met in the internet, while Kamuru was searching for someone to make a duet together. Yuzi really wanted to start a music career with an inkling.


Song name Progress Vocals
Sunset Forest - -
Your Contract was Signed - -
A Piece of Memory - Yuzi
Fins n' Fiddles (cover) - Kamuru


Official art

Other people's art


  • "Your Contract was Signed" is supposed to be a reference to A Hat in Time.
  • Kamuru is supposed to be the same squid type as Mizole, Wet Floor's vocalist and guitarist. Sadly, I couldn't find the actual name of this type.
  • They are not idols, just a duet. That means that they don't host news or splatfests.
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