"Stay Fit and Stay Dripped!"

Peak Overflow is a fanmade idol duo based off Splatoon. The idol duo features Bay, a Mako Shark, and Bondi, a Manta Ray, together they perform various music pieces such as 80s Funk, Vaporwave, and Future Funk for splatfest and other special events.



Bay is a Sky Blue Makoling with sharp ears and slanted eyes. She has 2 fangs that show when she is smiling. She almost always has her hair up, making it look like the tail end of a shark. Her idol attire consists of a purple scarf, dark grey vest, dark grey boots with square holes revealing bits of her leg, yellow triangular-shaped earrings, and white gloves. She got her clothes from a clothing shop not around Inkopolis as the clothes in Inkopolis are for squid kids and turfwar battles. Her casual clothes consists of a green bucket hat with a shark fin symbol on it , white hoop earrings, a yellow turtle neck with overalls over them and black boots.


Bondi is a Dark Magenta Mantaling with slightly-rounded ears, slanted eyes that have eyelashes going all the way down on the sides and her hair is that of a Manta Ray, sometimes, she uses her tail to tie her hair up. Bondi's idol attire consists of white shades, white turtleneck top, capri jeans, yellow-orange shoes that resemble Disruptors Shoes, an orange backpack that contains her digital piano, drum pads,and some wires and cords. Bondi's casual clothing consists of a striped orange and yellow shirt, a purple fanny pack that contains her phone, a portable charger, and a few snacks here and there. Bondi, wears her shades on her chest now and her shoes resemble that of SOAP shoes, she also wears Capri Jeans and one glove on her right hand.



Bay used to be shy but she broke out of her shell when she got to meet Bondi for the first time. People who never seen her before would get the impression that she is snobby because her quiet nature and diva-like fashion. As if her "fish" don't stank, but that isn't the case, she is naturally quiet, and a bit of an introvert, but with her having to perform all the time she started becoming more outgoing. She does get exhausted pretty easily, so after one night of splatfesting, she's already sleep for nearly the entire day. When she isn't performing and singing, she is drawing and sketching more fashion ideas that the Inklings and Octolings of Inkopolis can wear, her goal is to make her own clothing brand for the squidkids to use in everyday life, she can be a bit indecisive and a little hasty at times too, making decisions before regretting it later. Bay's favorite food is Super Seanwich and she has a fear of her ancestor sharks. Which would be the sharks of today.


Bondi is too outgoing for her own good. Since she is an idol, anything "off the wall" that she does is covered on news, so she is basically on the news every other week. She just can't take a break from doing "way out" stuff. Bondi doesn't have a fashion sense like Bay, Bondi would wear anything and not care. If she is sleepy and lazy and has to perform, she would wear her pajamas to the concert. Bondi and Bay, being two opposites, somehow work. Bay calms Bondi down when she gets loud and routy and Bondi lifts Bay's spirits up when she is feeling enclosed. Bondi, is not a singer, she is mainly in the back doing the instrumentals, Bondi, can't really sing, despite the squidkids wanting her to sing at least one song, she can't. Even though Bondi can be really immature at times, she can see when someone is feeling down, she uses her bright, glowing energy to pick people up. Unlike Bay, Bondi isn't an artist, during her free time, she is browsing her social media or watching funny prank videos. It's one or the other...or shes sleeping. Bondi doesn't have a favorite food, as she eats anything that comes her way without even thinking what it is, she might wanna look at her food one day...


Bay and Bondi met eachother when they were 16, and still in highschool. Bay would always sit by herself most of the time while Bondi would just be loud and goofy all the time. Bay would see Bondi acting like a fool and just smile and Bondi would never notice. This would happen for a couple of months. One day Bay was sitting by herself singing Ebb and Flow, Bondi heard her singing and ran up to her enthusiastically, and thats when they clicked. Bondi would explain to Bay that she was good with instruments and that they should form a singing group just for fun and giggles and see where they end up in the future. All though they never got the 4-man group they wanted, they were good just the two of them, Bay would eventually go to Bondi's house to do covers on popular songs from Inkopolis. The two made great remixes and their following count was growing pretty smoothly. They continued to do this even after highschool and onto college, they grew a sibling-like relationship as time passed and their numbers grew even more, but they couldn't just remix previous music forever, they had to make their own, and thats what they did. Their first song, "Ink to the Core" hit it big, the two decided to change their account name from "BonBay_16" to "Peak Overflow", a more professional sounding name for their music. Soon their music was played during turfwars and things were going well, but Bay was feeling scared, she was too shy to become famous, she wanted to stay an introvert enclosed in her room, she felt more safer than seeing hundreds of people everyday. Eventually Bondi, talked Bay out of enclosing herself in her room and the two dropped out of college to get into the music career full time.


  • Bay and Bondi's name are based off Bondi Beach, one of Australia most iconic beaches.
  • Since Sharks don't produce Ink, Bay had to use special ink gadgets to play in Turfwar when she was younger
  • Bondi was banned from Turfwars at 12 for being a "menace"
  • Bay is a Slosher main but really hates dualies
  • Bondi is Splatling main and her least favorite Splatling is the Mini Splatling
  • Bay's favorite brand is Kensa, she wears Kensa gear around the house sometimes
  • Bondi has relationship issues


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