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Pelagia is a four-piece band, created by sparrowse/sparrink, whose music is a blend of hard rock, punk rock, and pop rock. Their songs are the primary soundtrack to turf wars in Cephalo City. 


Aris Meri

Aris Meri is a 24 year old sea urchin (Cidaris blakei) who stands at 5’7” (approximately 170 cm). She has light yellow skin. Her eyes have apple green scleras, magenta irises, and midnight blue pupils. Each of her eyes have a black line on top that resembles winged eyeliner. She has no eyebrows. Her hair-like spines are paddle-shaped and are a reddish-coral that is more intense at the tips of each spine.  

Aris is the lead guitarist of the band. She knows a wide range of playing styles due to her previous enrollment at a premier music academy. Her compositional skill is also advanced; a majority of the band’s melodies are created by Aris. She also occasionally provides backup vocals. 

She’s a bit abrasive and snarky. The other band members often get onto her for her passive-aggressive remarks. However, she does truly value the other members’ company, and her fearlessness makes her an excellent leader. She’s also a bit of a fashionista, having high regards for her appearance and clothing.

Beck Aureus

Beck Aureus is a 23 year old sea anemone (Actinoscyphia aurelia) who stands at 4’10” (approximately 147 cm). He has light yellow skin. His eyes have blue irises and magenta pupils, and have a thin blue outline. Each eye has a distinct teardrop dip at the bottom. He has two piercings on the right side of his bottom lip. His eyebrows are thick and pointed downward. On top of his head are two large, fleshy anemone “sides” that thin tentacles stick out of. The tentacles and the sides are both various shades of blue. Beck also has multiple tattoos on his right arm, including one of an anchor and another of a sea star. 

Beck is the band’s bassist. He also plays a large role in writing the group’s songs, using his talents in language arts to craft cunning and poetic lyrics. 

He’s outgoing and headstrong, but can also be brash. Beck often gets into arguments with Aris over the latter’s arrogance. However, his assertiveness is usually with the band’s best interest in mind. He also has a strong love for learning, especially in regards to other cultures; he knows a small amount of the Vampire squid language and converses in it with Míng. 

Liang Míng

Liang Míng (梁鳴) is a 20 year old vampire squid (Vampryotheuthis infernalis) who stands at 5’1” (approximately 155 cm). She has pale reddish-pink skin. Her eyes have light blue irises, with her pupils being only a few tints lighter. The black around each of her eyes is shaped into two distinct eyelash-like points and is similar to inklings’ masks in thickness and shape; however, there is no black section over her nose bridge. Her eyebrows are round and short. Míng’s ears are large and have semi-rounded tips. Her tentacles are mahogany and have pointed spines on their upper sides. They are gathered into pigtails – one pair of tentacles on each side of her head. 

Míng is the main vocalist of the band, with a high and powerful voice. She also comes up with the concepts for many of the group’s songs and will often write the first drafts of lyrics; however, her unfamiliarity with the Inkling language leads to most of her writing needing hefty revisions.

In contrast to her musical persona (which can be loud and over-the-top), Míng is kind and soft-spoken. Her bandmates often call her the “mother” of the group, as she’s constantly looking out for the wellbeing of the other members. She rehearses all of her media appearances meticulously and often avoids speaking directly to fans due to her not being fully comfortable speaking Inkling. 

Murray Sevan

Murray Sevan is a 23 year old anglerfish (Melanocetus murrayi) who stands at 5’9” (approximately 175 cm). He has grey-green skin and his eyes are solid light blue. Four of his bottom teeth and two of his upper teeth extend out of his mouth. He has two transparent fins on the side of his head that resemble ears, and an illecuem on top of his head.

Murray is the band’s drummer, whose loud and aggressive beats make the backbone of the group’s songs. 

He has a similar relationship within the band as Míng, caring deeply for his bandmates. Murray is also excellent at conflict resolution – he often acts a mediator when arguments break out between members. 


Beck and Murray became friends in college over their common interest in music. After graduation, they became interested in forming a band – an idea that became a reality when they met Aris at a local jam session. The trio began writing songs, under the name Pelagia, with Aris as the lead singer. While the songs went over well with the open-mic crowd, it became clear that Aris’ voice wasn’t cut out for the band’s vision. 

The group finally found a solution to their issue when they met Míng, who had recently emigrated from her distant home country. Looking for work in the music industry, she attended one of the open mics that Pelagia was playing at. Impressed with her singing skills, Beck talked Míng into joining their group.

With a singer whose voice fit perfectly into the band’s sound, Pelagia quickly rose to prominence in the underground scene. This attracted the attention of agents, one of which encouraged the band to sign to a label. Now under professional management, the band released “Born to Krill” as their first single. Pelagia then cut into the mainstream, and their first album became the prevailing sound of turf wars in Cephalo City. 


Song Album Info
Born to Krill Pelagia (Self-titled) The band’s first published single. The lyrics are a cutting criticism of the anti-turf movement. They talk about a mother believing it’s turfing that’s causing her daughter’s emotional issues, when in actuality it’s a mix of social pressures and substance abuse.
Splattitude Pelagia (Self-titled) High-tempo, upbeat song with clever lyrics illustrating the flippant nature of turfing teenagers toward their critics.
Now or Never! Pelagia (Self-titled) A cover of the iconic Squid Squad song. It’s faithful to the intensity and drive of the original, while including some of the melodic complexities in the Wet Floor version.


  • The band’s name is taken from the Pelagic Zone: the water column of the open ocean which can be further divided into smaller sections. 
  • Míng’s given name means “to cry (of birds or insects),” while her surname means “bridge.” 
  • Aris’ given name is taken from her species’ name, while her surname means “the sea.”
  • Murray’s given name is taken from his species’ name, while his surname means “lake.”
  • Beck’s given name means “brook” or “stream,” while his surname is taken from his species’ name.
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