''Claim your own throne!''


Queen Conch's official logo.

Queen Conch (清々しい Profreshionals) is an idol duo based on the hit Nintendo game series, Splatoon.

Queen Conch was developed by Coloresent.

Queen Conch contains two members, which are Quinn, a quirky, yet desperate Octoling. Leigh, a talented and extraverted Cuttlefish. They announce Splatfests and stage rotations for Inkopolis Environs, the fresh new Inkopolis location. They both are known for their over-the-top appearances and personalities. 

Inkopolis Environs is the new, highly praised Inkopolis location with many different noted individuals. Inkopolis Environs homes a variety of different species, and treats their citizens equally, unlike previous Inkopolis locations.  

Their songs contain the following genres: Chiptune, Electro, and Synthwave. They mostly appeal to pre-teens and teenagers, but they have a variety of supporters.



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Quinn is a 22 year old Octoling, standing at the height of 4'9. She weighs 118, and is skinny. She is based on the Caribbean reef octopus. She has multiple freckles and facial makeup that are shades of the rainbow. She wears a Straw Boater covered with seashells. Her hair is mainly yellow, with a touch of light pink, which fade into light brown tips. She has sideswept bangs that appear exactly the same as Leigh's bangs.  She also has light brown lines along her tentacles, representing her species. She wears an aqua tee shirt with a hot pink and black skirt. She wears light pink slip-ons with the left of the straps hot pink, and the right side light brown.

She has an orange tanish skin-tone, due to her spray tan. She has 5 suckers, representing her species, which has more tentacles than other octopi. She has average, round pupils. She has a massive amount of eyelash on, so she has long, roundish tipped eyelashes. She has an average Inkling mouth structure, which is uncommon for Octolings, but it represents her species. 

She appears more in interviews, talk-shows, etc. and is better known than Leigh. She tries to dress over-the-top so she will always remain popular, because she doesn't want to be lost in the shadows of Leigh. This forces her to dress in fresh and popular styles, even if she doesn't like them. 

Her signature color is yellow, and her hair color changes in Splatfests depending on the team she chooses.


Leigh is a 18 year old Cuttlefish, standing at the height of 50'. She weighs 108 lbs, and is slim. She is based on the Sepia latimanus Cuttlefish. She paints facial makeup that are shades of the rainbow on the right side of her face. She has a bob, with miniature pigtails to the sides. Her ponytails are held by hair clips that are shades of the rainbow. Her main hair color is hot pink, with aqua and black tips. Her tips fades into orange, but it's barely noticeable. She has sideswept bangs that appear exactly the same as Quinn's bangs. Her tentacles have a crystal like texture, representing her species. She wears a long brown dress with milk yellow polkadots. She has an aqua and yellow ribbon tied around her waist, which connects to a brown skirt.

She has a pale skin-tone, due to her being inside most of the time. She has thin tentacles, thus representing her species' thin appearance. She has average pupils, which are corresponding to Quinn's. She has a massive amount of eyelash on, so she has long, roundish tipped eyelashes, just like Quinn. She has very pointy ears, which are very wide.

She looks up to Quinn appearance and personality wise, and is slightly jealous of all of the popularity she receives. She pushes herself to be like Quinn, but can never succeed. She wants to be as positive as possible, because she wants to be better at Quinn at something. But, her looks are improving rapidly because of this motivation.


Inkopolis Environs

Inkopolis Environs was created by determined constructors that were commissioned to make a ''modern and huge city'' aesthetic. They worked on the location tirelessly for 4 years, and they finally finished it after the Final Splatfest. The group who commissioned the city were amazed, and gave up their entire profit just for the city to succeed. The constructors became wealthy, as the population of Inkopolis Environs was growing rapidly. The other locations quickly died out, and Inkopolis Environs were very active. Many Inklings and Octolings were battling daily, and there were community events. The main appeal of Inkopolis Environs was it's rules. Any species was allowed, and people didn't have to feel ashamed about what species they were born as. Everyone had equal rights, and Octolings didn't have to earn Inklings trust, like in previous Inkopolis locations. 

After 3 weeks of activity and freshness, people started to get bored. The city council was worried that people would move back to the other Inkopolis locations, so they finally took requests. They denied most of the requests, but one stood out to them. This one was the highest demand, and that was to hire an idol duo. The city council agreed, and they started searching. They hosted auditions, but they couldn't seem to find the right band. 

They hosted another audition session, and they found two groups that stood out the most. They soon decided to pick a group called ''Queen Conch'', since they believed the two girls stood out the most, and they would be successful.

Queen Conch had two members: Quinn and Leigh. 



Quinn is an Octoling from Octo Canyon who had a passion for Inkling culture. Inkopolis Plaza was her dream home. Quinn wasn't like normal Octarians, she had a heart and soul. She could express her emotions perfectly without feeling regret, or denying them. At a very young age, she was introduced to the ''enemy,'' which were the Inklings. She learned how Inklings made Octolings suffer at the Great Turf War. Instead of growing a hatred for them, she saw how much more developed and amazing Inkopolis Plaza looked, and how much stronger Inklings were. In Octo Valley, she didn't feel safe, she felt like an outcast. She wanted to go there instead of being trapped in the Octarian army. She refused to go to training or even obey Octarian commanders, and was abused by commanders. She was scarred from all of the gore, and was forced to work for the army for now on. Her parents were very disappointed and neglective, since she was threatened and forced to join the army. Her parents worked as admins for the army, and barely had any time to raise Quinn. She lived most of her life, imprisoned, abused, and afraid. She was overworked, and she had no time for hobbies she became interested in before she was enslaved. She wasn't treated with respect like others got, because she wouldn't work for them. She was about 17 whenever she heard the Calamari Inkantation, and she instantly became inspired by the Squid Sisters, and became obsessed with Inkling culture. Right after Agent 8 escaped, she escaped Deepsea Metro through a channel of tunnels. She arrived in Inkopolis Square and learned more about Inkling culture. She was finally getting respect and love from supporters and fans. But, it wasn't enough for her. She never got love from her parents, the people she loved the most. So, she became desperate for attention, and this is how her attention seeker personality developed. Whenever she was craving attention, she remembered how the Squid Sisters changed her life, so she decided to start a solo career. She composed music on a free composing app, and sang by herself. She had an angelic singing voice, and didn't know it until just now. Her first album she released was titled ''Beat the Heat.'' She was satisfied.

Leigh is an Inkling from Calamari County who wanted to do one thing: become a voice actor. She loved cartoons at the time, and she wanted to bring others happiness that the voice actors brought her. She took vocal lessons, she auditioned for plays, and quickly became extroverted and peppy. She was an amazing actor, but she was always discouraged by other voice actors. She wanted to be just like them, but she couldn't yet, because she wasn't as experienced as them. This was a very difficult time for her. People in Performing Arts were feisty and rude, and she never felt like she fit in. She was bullied by people she looked up to, and didn't feel good enough. She soon dropped that passion, but she remembered all of the vocal lessons she took. She liked those, so she decided to make singing her passion. Whenever she turned 15, she was an expert. Her voice sounded amazing, but she didn't have the confidence to show it off. The thought of her failing haunted her all the time, so she gave up singing, once again. She was encouraged by others, which helped her open up to other activities and hobbies, which helped her believe in herself. She kept on developing hobbies, until she had the courage to start her singing career again. She uploaded covers she sung of popular songs, and got a good reputation. She kept on uploading covers, and soon was encouraged to start her own music career. Whenever she turned 17, she discovered Quinn's album, and instantly became motivated to have a successful debut album like she did. But, she soon discovered Quinn was a fan of her covers, and they got in contact. 

They both discussed their passion for music and their dreams, and, Quinn came up with an amazing idea. They decided to create a band called ''Queen Conch'', and support each other to become successful. They soon met in real life, and started recording. They produced their first album, which they both did vocals, and Quinn composed, called ''Condescending Royalty.'' This became very popular, and they became very wealthy in a short amount of time. Leigh finally recovered all of her determination and believed the motivating words, while Quinn just saw this as a business opportunity, and just faked her friendship with Leigh awhile, just so she could get the attention she wanted, and gain profit. But, once they saw the opportunity to audition for the idols of Inkopolis Environs, they instantly signed up for the session. They both had an amazing reputation and had experience, so, they were highly qualified. They auditioned and got the role, as Quinn saw how much she affected Leigh's life in a positive way. She decided to stop faking it, and she actually became real friends with her.



Quinn fakes most of her personality just to make herself seem more appealing to her audience, thus, making her an attention seeker. She tries to act perfect all of the time, and improves whenever an obsessive fan points out one of her flaws. She really is a nice person, but she doesn't believe it herself. This personality built up whenever she was desperate for attention from her parents, but was always neglected. She only acts normally around Leigh, because she believes Leigh is the only one who loves and supports her. Quinn feels despair whenever she is angry, and has an awful temper.


Leigh is an outgoing daydreamer. She is very creative and has an offensive, yet hilarious sense of humor. She is adored by fans because she is ''more relatable.'' She is considered pure, because she acts idiotic and wholesome all the time. She was inspired to be like this because she thinks it's entertaining to act like that, so she thinks it will entertain others. She has a jealousy problem, though. She is very jealous of Quinn and other famous actors and singers because she thinks she isn't as good as them.


  • Quinn and Leigh's name together is pronounced ''Queenly,'' but, if you remove the ''Igh'' from Leigh's name, it creates the sound ''Queen.''
  • Quinn and Leigh both have 5 letters in their names.
  • Quinn mains both Sloshers and Hydra Splatlings. She likes the Slosher because she can easily splat an enemy, and it helps her cover a huge amount of turf in a short time period.
  • Leigh mains Blasters, because whenever she's stressed, she usually participates in Turf Wars. The Blaster is very rapid/fast and she can rack up kills, and it's stress relieving for her.
  • Leigh has a little brother, as mentioned in one of the news casts. Rumors have spread that he is dead, due to dialogue she has stated in the past. But, she denies this claim.
  • The name ''Queen Conch'' is based off a marine gastropod mollusk called Lobatus Gigas, most commonly known as the Queen Conch.
  • Their Japanese band is called ''清々しい,'' meaning ''Profreshionals.'' It is based on the highest Salmon Run rank in America.
  • Quinn's Japanese name is''ロバス'' (Robato), thus is short for 'Lobatus.'' It is based off their American band name.
  • Leigh's Japanese name is' '軟動'' (Nanta), which is short for ''Mollusk.'' It is based off the species of the Queen Conch.
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