"Till we meet, at the reef!"
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ROBO Reef is a Splatoon 3 concept idol duo made by Cephalopajamaparty . The duo consists of two octolings, Anne and Corrie. They help host Splatfests, news, and map rotations, They are the idols of Inkopolis Shore on the Inkopolis Islands.



Anne is a 18 year old octoling based off the Enteroctopus dofleini, or the Giant Pacific Octopus, coming at 5'2" tall. She has very pale toned skin, and she has a small side tentacle on the left side of her head and a longer tentacle going to the right. She seems to have the normal back of the default octoling girl. Her tentacles go to a soft lavender color to a very pastel blue, almost looking like the same lavender color. She has an earpiece, a glittery dark purple/dark blue colored crop-top, a violet crop-top jacket, a short skirt colored almost the same as her crop-top, and pink boots with purple soles.


Corrie is a 17 year old octoling based off the Grimpoteuthis, or the Dumbo Octopus. She is 4'7" but her bangs add another 3 inches, with her headphones adding 1 more inch, with a total hight being 4'11" tall. She has two tentacles going to the side of her hair, one giant tentacle on top of her other tentacles, acting like a bang. Any other tentacle goes to the back of her hair in a small ponytail. Her ink color is a light blue, going into a lavender color, inverting the color pattern of Anne's. She has a darker skin tone than Anne's, being only a little bit tanner than her. (Any older art of the duo has messed up colors, only being eyeballed by me >-<) She has dark grey cat headphones, fading into pink with an earpiece attached to it. Along with her headphones, she has a lavender crop top, a lavender skirt that seems to have a larger fishnet version of it attached to it, and dark purple boots with a pink broken heart on the brim of the boots.


Anne used to be a part of the Octarian Army when she was young, because although she is a Giant Pacific Octopus, she was born with a brith defect, making her not as tall as her family, and she never got put to help with anything due to her defect, so she had to stay in her home the entire time. During the time she spent in her house she liked watching a lot of TV and playing video games. Her house was almost always lonely, so when she was playing video, the only thing she could hear other than her sighs of loneliness would always be the upbeat music. She gained a liking to music and thought of it as a way to keep herself entertained, rather than playing the games she finished multiple times and the television she always binged, but she found predictable. After multiple years of her life being lonely, she finally got out of her house after realizing she locked herself in by choice instead. After going out of her home for the first time for years, she realized how much she missed, after years of thinking that the wars with the inklings were still going. The moment she got out she went to find some friends, fearing if she would ever be alone again. She quickly found a band that was recruiting, her interest in being a guitarist, one of the only instruments she would ever play, and had a special place in her heart.

Corrie, unlike Anne had to help the Army almost every day of her life until she was 16, which was obviously very annoying to her, with her having to take care of almost every kid of her family, since she was the oldest. Her mom had her take care of the forge her family worked at, but she never wanted to, and she never listened to what her parents wanted her to do when she got older. She ran away when she couldn't handle being around her family and she didn't want to be forced under every rule she had to follow. She had a lot of money from the chores she had to do when she was with her family, so when she ran off to Inkopolis, the first thing she did was buy an apartment. When she was running off, she found some broken headphones that she ended up keeping in a little backpack. She never wanted to look back at her decisions, and when enjoying all the sights she found in Inkopolis, she found the same band recruiting, and she knew she wanted to be a part of it, even if she had no experience.

At the try-outs, they were some of the only people who showed up, but when they saw each other, they thought nothing of it, after all, they only came to find something to do after being forced to do the same thing their entire lives. They never got into the band, but a few weeks later Anne found an apartment to live in! And Corrie was apparently her roommate since she could't find an actual place to live, and Corrie was offering it to whatever stranger needed a place to live at. Of course they both were really embarrassed, but when they got to know each other, they realized they had a lot in common.

After Anne went to get one of many of her pet sea bunnies, she came to the apartment to hear Corrie's singing. She was amazed when she first listened to Corrie's singing, and not knowing that knocking exists, Corrie kicked the door open and yelled, "LET'S START A BAND!!!" but quickly realized that a band is different to an idol duo and screamed into a pillow from her embarrassment. It took a while to make Corrie give in to Anne's crazy idea of becoming Inkopolis's next big idols, but she gave in.

The first day of their rise to fame, a big salmonid invasion took over Inkopolis Plaza, making many people flee their homes and go to the Inkopolis Islands, which when they arrived seemed smaller than they had thought, but there were three studios open for usage, and the two didn't want to waste any time when they got there, so they claimed it, not realizing what roles they had taken had ahead of them.


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Corrie’s new design




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  • Both their names combined make a play on the word Anchor.
  • Both of the two have parts in their outfits that are inspired by Pearls from Steven Universe (Anne's jacket and Corrie's skirt).
  • They both seem to enjoy watching old cartoons from those millions of years back before the events of Splatoon.
  • Corrie seems to be more outgoing on the news than she is in public because she always listen to music in her headphones, tuning out everything.
  • Anne owns a pet sea cucumber named "Poncho"
  • Anne is a Dualies, most likely her choice in battles is going to be Dapple Dualies, and her favorite stage is Arowana Mall
  • Corrie mains a lot of sloshers, her favorite one being the Custom Exploshers, and her favorite stage is Ancho V Games
  • Corrie wears gloves because she likes customizing a lot of things she has, resulting in her hands being colored with a lot of her supplies
  • The two's weapons were customized by Corrie
  • Both of their outfits were made by a member of Night Lights, who they are friends with, but also have a friendly rivalry with.
  • Anne plays an electric guitar, while Corrie plays the key-tar (A keyboard guitar)
  • Despite the fact the two look related, they aren't related to each other, and they don't have any romantic relationships with each other.
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